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Broner Is As Broner Does
& Other Barclay Thoughts

Monday, July 31st, 2017

By William Trillo

Sorry, but the talk that Adrien Broner still looked like a world class talent in defeat is pure horse manure in my opinion. If Broner was as talented as all that he would have dug down deep and went to the trenches with Mikey Garcia, but that would have put that suspect jaw on the line and Broner was not going to gamble like that with Garcia. Instead what we got was 12 rounds of Broner back pedaling his way to a lopsided loss. Oh sure, he had the occasional landed punch, but mostly he was shaking his head after getting tagged over and over again… far from world class.

In defeat Broner proved to be about as annoying as one could get, first thanking God and then going on an embarrassing F-Bomb laced tirade that put an exclamation point on his soon to be over disappointing career. Adrien, if you really think you’re tired wanna be Floyd act is still gonna put asses in the seats…well…you’re in for a rude awakening.

At one point in time Broner was tabbed by his management team to be the next Mayweather. But after suffering his 3rd loss it’s safe to say he is one of the biggest wastes of talent in boxing. With his fat Daddy combing his hair before the fight and his management team flashing their pre-fight toothy grins it was all fun and games as usual for the A.B. honks.

I didn’t see those pearly white management smiles after the fight nor did I see Fat Daddy Broner grooming his son’s hair.

Maybe that’s because they are all well aware A.B. now stands for “About Bankrupt”.

Did You Hear The One About The One Legged Man At A Butt Kicking Contest?

It seems to me that the worst time to compare yourself to Hall Of Famers Tommy Hearns, Vernon Forrest and Sugar Ray Leonard is right after you kicked the crap out of a one legged man. But holding true to his post fight diarrhea of the mouth form, that’s exactly what the lesser Charlo, Jermall did. Dude then went on to throw his hat into the 160 pound division.

Hey Jermall, let me help you out here.

It just took you 4 rounds to KO a guy who damn near came into the ring on crutches. You might wanna think twice before putting your name alongside a guy known as “The Hit Man” and you definitely want to think thrice about wanting to face guys like Canelo and GGG.

But…I hear Peg Leg Bates is thinking about a career in boxing. Maybe you should try him out first. Seems like more your speed.

Allow me to reiterate: Never, I repeat NEVER, sing your own praises after taking on a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

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Charles Huerta Is Back

Monday, July 24th, 2017

By William Trillo

When “Comeback of The Year” awards go out at the end of 2017 don’t be surprised to see Super Featherweight Charles Huerta (19-5, 12 KO’s) getting his share of honors. After a hiatus of 3 years Huerta has come alive in 2017. With an overpowering KO over the formerly undefeated Ivan Delgado along with a shiny new contract with Golden Boy, Huerta is well on his way to getting right back into the thick of things. With a victory at Belasco Theatre on August 10th over a rugged Miguel Gonzalez (21-2, 18 KO’s) from Los Mochis, Mexico, Huerta will be on a path to get back into the spotlight before year’s end.

It should come as no secret to our readers that I like fighters that fight. Be it Librado Andrade, Enrique Ornelas or Francisco Vargas, I have always leaned towards the guys who want to step in the ring and let the leather fly. Huerta is cut out of that same cloth, a gifted fighter who always gives the fans a great performance.

When asked about his new contract with Golden Boy, Huerta said he couldn’t be happier, “It was exciting; especially after being off for three years and not knowing if I would be back in the mix ever again.”

Huerta had good reason for concern and in the game of boxing things don’t always go as planned, “At first I was supposed to fight on a small card but that fell through. So I called Golden Boy matchmaker Robert Diaz and told him I was ready to fight and take anything he had, that I was ready to go in two weeks or three weeks, whatever was available. Diaz said he would look at what is out there and get back to us. A few weeks later he called and offered me the Carlos Morales fight, it was a ten round fight. I told him yes, I am ready to go. A lot of people told me that after a three year layoff that was a hard fight to take, but I said I am taking it anyways. I just wanted the opportunity, so I took it. The fight didn’t go our way; but I thought I did enough to win though.”

Truth be told the fight that came at the end of 2016 should have been a victory for Huerta. The fight was nip and tuck but Huerta was dominant. Not only did he cut Morales over his nose and eye, Huerta also dropped Morales in round eight and then spent the rest of the fight trying to chase down a fighter who clearly did not want to engage. Somehow Morales was awarded the split decision nod. I don’t expect “The Solution” will be looking to give Charles a rematch anytime soon.

“Even though I lost the fight against Morales I feel like I won that night”, stated Huerta, “I proved a lot of people wrong that night. I am back!”

Not letting the loss set him back Huerta looked to rebound in 2017 and it didn’t take long for him to get that opportunity. “After the Morales fight Diaz called me and offered me the Ivan Delgado fight and I was excited for that”, said Huerta, “and as you know we knocked him out. I knew these guys, (Delgado and Morales), didn’t have the experience I do. I have been in this game a while so I just wanted to go show them that they are not on my level.”

Huerta went on to say, “Diaz wasn’t there at the Delgado fight but he called me the next morning and said “Hey we have a proposal for you; I want your Dad and you to come in on Monday.” So we went in and everything looked good. We went home and looked it over and talked about. I was excited about it so we went back about two weeks later and signed the contract.”

All this came after a three year layoff that left many, including Huerta wondering where his career was headed. Reflecting on that moment in time and the reasons for the layoff Huerta shared, “It was just through frustration. The Arellano fight came up quick and I jumped on it. But fights weren’t being given to me and I just started getting frustrated. My Dad is real old school; he wants me in the gym always training hard. So it was hard focusing and dedicating myself while being in the gym not knowing if or when I would have a fight. So I just decided to take some time off and for six months I stopped completely from going to the gym. But then I started getting the hunger watching fights on TV and seeing things coming across on social media. But I wasn’t going to any fights or showing my face around, I just wanted to kind of disappear for a while. But then I got back in the gym. And you know how it is, boxing people promise you stuff and then you end up waiting. But I started training and little by little I got myself ready and by the time I took the Carlos Morales fight I was in the best shape of my life.”

Having lost the fight to Morales and dropping some other fights early in his career Huerta knows both the sweet taste of victory as well as the taste of a bitter loss. But, Charles also knows that a loss is not a death sentence. Huerta explained, “I know a lot of people want to be undefeated, and yeah not having a loss is great. But you see a fighter 20-0 against a 10-10 fighter. If the 10-10 fighter has better quality opponents there is a good chance he can beat the 20-0 guy. We have never ducked anyone. If you look up and down my record all you will see is experienced people, I have never shied away from any fight.”

The upside to a 3 year layoff is a lot less ring miles on your body and Huerta is well aware of that and he believes it will serve him well in future fights. “I feel like a very young 30”, said Huerta,” I will be turning 31 next month. I haven’t been in that many wars, I have never been cut. I feel like I am just getting into my prime in strength and maturity. The time is now and things are supposed to happen for me.”

As to the immediate future Huerta will have his hands full next month against a tough fighter from Mexico, but if his record tells us anything it’s that Charles doesn’t mind taking tough tests. “I will be fighting Miguel Gonzalez from Los Mochis his record is 21-2,” Huerta stated, “I said I wanted a decent opponent because I don’t want to take a backward step right now. I don’t want any easy fights; I want to challenge myself with each and every fight.”

The future of Huerta’s career literally rests in his own hands right now and he knows it, “If everything goes as planned Diaz told me this will be my last fight at Belasco. This is a stay busy fight but he wants me to get on ESPN in my next couple of fights. There are names at 130 pounds that Golden Boy has that he can match me up with,” said Huerta.

The business of boxing always seems to go into directions no one would expect or plan. I’m sure if you asked Huerta he would have never planned it like this and quite frankly he most likely did not see this positive twist coming. As Charles shared, “When talking with Robert Diaz, he asked me where I was six months ago? The answer was I was in the gym just hoping to get a fight. And now I am back headlining cards, I just signed with Golden Boy and there is a buzz going on about me again now. That’s a lot to have happen in just six months.”

That is a lot to have go down in half a year for any fighter, and there is still plenty of time in 2017 to make yourself known again. A victory here and a good performance on ESPN there and suddenly a career that seemed to be stalled for a moment will shift into high gear. It’s the perfect time to put the pedal to the metal for Charles Huerta.

Dedicated, hard working and a guy who brings it every time he steps into the squared circle, it’s hard not to like a boxer like Huerta. Check him out next month at The Belasco Theatre. You will not be disappointed.

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SHOCKER: Karma KO’s The 800 Pound Gorilla

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

By William Trillo

After a last-ditch effort to beg their readers for donations to save the site, the self-proclaimed 800 pound ape came up short and are now nothing more than a “cookie cutter” blog.

Oh how the Mighty, (Joe Young), have fallen.

After years of unscrupulous and dictatorship type behavior it appears karma has reared its ugly head and taken a big bite out of the Baboons backside.

Long time and high-priced advertisers have jumped ship and don’t appear to be coming back anytime soon…if ever.

It’s hard to be sympathetic to their cause since this is the same monkey that mistreated their staff until they left for other boxing sites. Soon thereafter the monkey contacted promoters demanding they never credential those terminated writers again… or else…

Like most self-appointed dictators the end is never pretty. Sometimes it takes longer for the axe to drop than others, but inevitably the hatchet does fall. When it does it can be a very humiliating experience. Considering the big ape has never displayed a humble bone in his 800 pound body, it looks like he finally got served up a long overdue dish of humble pie.

Truth be told, that 800 Pound Gorilla had a very impressive run and at one time they were the hands down standard for boxing websites. We wish them well as they head in their new, but albeit unexpected, direction.

Good Day!

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Monday, July 3rd, 2017

By William Trillo

As defined by hornswoggle,
get the better of (someone) by cheating or deception

Whether you think Jeff Horn was awarded the victory over Manny Pacquiao through cheating or deception the fact remains Horn was handed a gift victory and the WBO 147-pound strap. He quite frankly did not earn or deserve either. Truth be told, Horn did a fine job in a hometown arena filled with over 51,000 down under fans, but…

As the fight was drawing near it’s conclusion I was formulating my fight report in my head and figured I would write the obligatory line, “Horn has nothing to be ashamed of”. But that was because I was certain Manny had done more than enough to earn the nod.

With the way things turned out I now have to say, Horn has plenty to be ashamed of as does everyone involved with that rendered decision, whether they be the ref, the judges or anyone else you think could have influenced that hornswoggling.

On any other night, the huge viewer ratings reported by ESPN would be reason for celebration. But given the fact that a lot more people tuned in to see the legend Pacquiao, there are a lot more people who know this was deception on an epic level. Social media is ransacked with the “fix is in” conspiracy theorists and experts across the globe are ripping apart this botched decision.

Former Heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis said after the fight, “Wow! PAC loses by UD? One judge had it 117-111? 😳 Wasn’t the fight that I saw! This is what’s wrong with boxing. Horn was very game but I’m hard pressed to see how he could have won that fight by any stretch!”

Promoter Lou DiBella said, “There’s no way on God’s earth that a rational person who knew anything about boxing could have scored the fight for Horn. He showed great heart but landed fewer than eight punches a round.”

Even actor Samuel L. Jackson chimed in, as only Jackson can saying, “Uhhhhhhh, can U Say B*llsh*t??!! Manny got F*cked!!! That’s the Face of a Winner??!

For the record, I don’t think anyone was involved with cheating here.

Now, is referee Mark Nelson the most inept third man in the ring to be seen in many years? Of course he is. On any other day I might say Nelson was involved with some plot to help Horn win by letting him break a few rules here, there and everywhere. But my gut feeling is Nelson is just a piss-poor ref, the likelihood of seeing him involved in any other big fights in negligible at best.

The WBO should also be held accountable for appointing Dewey, Cheatem and Howe as the judges for this one…. what were they expecting?

But was this deception? The jury will be out on this for a while but right now the stench of a three day old Shrimp on the Barbie is wafting through the air and plenty of boxing fans equate that stank to some Tom Foolery in the works.

Surprise! Surprise!

There is a rematch clause in place and it looks like Pacquiao is planning to exercise it. Feel free to assume the rematch won’t be shown for free on ESPN but instead will be a PPV promotion broadcast from the land down under. You will pay to see that one.

You can also assume Pacquiao will regain his title by knocking out Horn inside of 8 rounds.

Look, if the punchstats of this fight don’t speak for themselves, (Pacquiao was ahead in all stats by a 2 to 1 clip if not more), then Horn’s contorted grill should do all the talking anyone needs. Dudes face was riddled with lumps and bumps.

Yeah, Horn did way better than anyone expected and the bloody fight was close, but there is no way Manny lost this one…no way.

Stephen A. Smith

The A stands for A-hole. If you do not know who Ali Funeka or Randall Bailey are you have no business sitting in the studio during a boxing broadcast. Hearing you bump your gums on topics you know nothing about is almost as difficult as having to look at Dan Rafael waddle his way through the chow line in the media room on fight night.

Timothy Bradley

I am 100% convinced Bradley thought he was in Argentina and that dead silence after his slip of the tongue was due to the fact Joe and Teddy realized that Bradley genuinely did not know what side of the world he was on. They were speechless.

And thanks for letting everyone who tuned into the record breaking telecast know you were suffering from indigestion and/or diarrhea. TMI Timmy, TMI !

And just to help clear things up for “Desert Storm”, the huge Asian contingency at the fight were Filipino’s and not Japanese, or as Bradley referred to them, “Japans” …?

Good Grief. Can we never put a microphone in front of this guys Pie Hole again… please?

ESPN Friday Night Fights: Oscar Negrete

Can we now put to rest the stigma that Oscar Negrete does not have any power. On his way to capturing the NABF Bantamweight title the high volume punching Negrete dropped Sergio Frias early before forcing him to quit on his stool before round nine. After the fight Negrete stated he wants Randy Caballero. I can neither confirm or deny the rumor that Caballero twisted his other ankle while high-tailing out of the Coachella Valley. I can tell you that like the other injury, there is no medical evidence to confirm Caballero is truly hurt.

Isn’t it great to have real fights put on by real promoters back on the ESPN airwaves?

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