SHOCKER: Karma KO’s The 800 Pound Gorilla

By William Trillo

After a last-ditch effort to beg their readers for donations to save the site, the self-proclaimed 800 pound ape came up short and are now nothing more than a “cookie cutter” blog.

Oh how the Mighty, (Joe Young), have fallen.

After years of unscrupulous and dictatorship type behavior it appears karma has reared its ugly head and taken a big bite out of the Baboons backside.

Long time and high-priced advertisers have jumped ship and don’t appear to be coming back anytime soon…if ever.

It’s hard to be sympathetic to their cause since this is the same monkey that mistreated their staff until they left for other boxing sites. Soon thereafter the monkey contacted promoters demanding they never credential those terminated writers again… or else…

Like most self-appointed dictators the end is never pretty. Sometimes it takes longer for the axe to drop than others, but inevitably the hatchet does fall. When it does it can be a very humiliating experience. Considering the big ape has never displayed a humble bone in his 800 pound body, it looks like he finally got served up a long overdue dish of humble pie.

Truth be told, that 800 Pound Gorilla had a very impressive run and at one time they were the hands down standard for boxing websites. We wish them well as they head in their new, but albeit unexpected, direction.

Good Day!

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7 Responses to “SHOCKER: Karma KO’s The 800 Pound Gorilla”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Meanwhile,’s plans for a 50% increase in daily readership to three visitors per day suffered a setback when it was discovered the third visitor is actually a blind squirrel. Gennady Golovkin declined to comment on the situation.

  2. William Trillo says:

    It was also discovered the blind squirrel resides in a third world country where retired men go to enjoy a life full of Cannabis and Lady Boys, not necessarily in that order.

    And of course GGG declined to comment, he is busy making ready to crush a Red Head into powder.

    Crowdfunding is a concept to help raise funds for fighters like Daniel Franco (GoFundMe). It was not set up to cover your ass so you can pay your cable bill and feed your cats.


    • William Trillo says:

      PS: These guys are actually asking readers to kick in to the tune of $12,500 (minimum) …
      I retract my statement wishing them well……
      this is as low as I have ever seen a boxing website go….
      and that says a lot…

  3. David McGarry says:

    Asking for $12,500 to (supposedly) keep your website going is obscene.

    Still, if ever you want to act out your cannabis and ladyboy fantasies at least you know how to raise the funds.

    • William Trillo says:

      The amount is right there on the site for their dwindling readers to see..

      Been sober and straight too long to change now.

  4. Threat says:

    Unless he meant it’s “supposedly” going towards the so called better servers, which I would then agree with McGarry as what servers would possibly cost that much.

  5. David McGarry says:

    I don’t doubt you got the figures right. I’m questioning the need for that kind of money to keep the website up and running. If it’s a commercial site, then don’t beg for contributions. If it’s a genuine free service that needs a little help, then ask for a little help, not $12,500.