Broner Is As Broner Does
& Other Barclay Thoughts

By William Trillo

Sorry, but the talk that Adrien Broner still looked like a world class talent in defeat is pure horse manure in my opinion. If Broner was as talented as all that he would have dug down deep and went to the trenches with Mikey Garcia, but that would have put that suspect jaw on the line and Broner was not going to gamble like that with Garcia. Instead what we got was 12 rounds of Broner back pedaling his way to a lopsided loss. Oh sure, he had the occasional landed punch, but mostly he was shaking his head after getting tagged over and over again… far from world class.

In defeat Broner proved to be about as annoying as one could get, first thanking God and then going on an embarrassing F-Bomb laced tirade that put an exclamation point on his soon to be over disappointing career. Adrien, if you really think you’re tired wanna be Floyd act is still gonna put asses in the seats…well…you’re in for a rude awakening.

At one point in time Broner was tabbed by his management team to be the next Mayweather. But after suffering his 3rd loss it’s safe to say he is one of the biggest wastes of talent in boxing. With his fat Daddy combing his hair before the fight and his management team flashing their pre-fight toothy grins it was all fun and games as usual for the A.B. honks.

I didn’t see those pearly white management smiles after the fight nor did I see Fat Daddy Broner grooming his son’s hair.

Maybe that’s because they are all well aware A.B. now stands for “About Bankrupt”.

Did You Hear The One About The One Legged Man At A Butt Kicking Contest?

It seems to me that the worst time to compare yourself to Hall Of Famers Tommy Hearns, Vernon Forrest and Sugar Ray Leonard is right after you kicked the crap out of a one legged man. But holding true to his post fight diarrhea of the mouth form, that’s exactly what the lesser Charlo, Jermall did. Dude then went on to throw his hat into the 160 pound division.

Hey Jermall, let me help you out here.

It just took you 4 rounds to KO a guy who damn near came into the ring on crutches. You might wanna think twice before putting your name alongside a guy known as “The Hit Man” and you definitely want to think thrice about wanting to face guys like Canelo and GGG.

But…I hear Peg Leg Bates is thinking about a career in boxing. Maybe you should try him out first. Seems like more your speed.

Allow me to reiterate: Never, I repeat NEVER, sing your own praises after taking on a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

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4 Responses to “Broner Is As Broner Does
& Other Barclay Thoughts”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Broner has managed to win world titles in four divisions and that’s something very few boxers can claim. And yet, he’s also underachieved in terms of the talent he was born with.

    It’s hard to see where Broner goes from here. Crawford would beat him quite easily, and Indongo would probably manhandle him in the same way as Maidana. Back at welterweight, Spence and Thurman would beat him up.

    • William says:

      Broner did not beat Ponce De Leon, that title was a gift from Schaefer and Haymon. The DeMarco fight was a joke. Many say he didn’t beat Paulie. And Vincente Escobedo…cmon!! This guy is a product of some slippery promoter, manager, advisor…whatever he is today.

      Fact is as you state….huge underacheiver who now has no place to go but down.

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