Fortune Telling Elvis Says…
Age Before Beauty!

By William Trillo

With the biggest fight weekend of 2017 upon us I felt it was my duty to get to the boxing Capital of the world, Las Vegas, as early in the week as possible.

OK…….truth be told I just wanted to get the heck out of dodge, and the sooner the better. So with a hearty Hi Ho I jumped in my ride and hit Interstate 15 and set the GPS for Sin City.

As per usual I made my usual midpoint stop at Peggy Sue’s Diner in Yermo and along with a fountain shop made Cherry Coke there was the obligatory check in with Elvis The Soothsayer. Could the King have some insight on this weekends huge 160 pound Championship battle?

Over the past few big fights Elvis has been unclear and seemed to be speaking another language. In the end his predictions came up hollow.

Elvis was as clear as his Crystal Ball when he addressed this fight saying, “A man that is young in years may be old in hours.”


Canelo is going to come into the ring looking like the next new young super star but after a few rounds of GGG’s punishment Alvarez will become the same old story for Golovkin’s opponents and when he leaves the ring the only thing around his waist will be the band of his heavily worn trunks.

Yes, I know, The King is a dismal 0-3 in his past years predictions but on this one it’s hard not to consider what he has to say.

Viva Las Vegas!

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2 Responses to “Fortune Telling Elvis Says…
Age Before Beauty!”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Golovkin looks like making weight was a bit of a struggle, and if that’s the case then Alvarez’s chances improve. I still think anyone who looks uncomfortable facing Miguel Cotto is going to get badly hurt when it’s GGG throwing the punches and I stand by my earlier prediction Golovkin by stoppage around the 8-10 round mark.

    The undercard stinks, by the way.

    Meanwhile, in London, Monroe has been acting scared and like he really doesn’t want to be there. We’ll find out if it’s acting soon enough. Billy Joe Saunders looks in the best shape of his life, and I expect an easy points win in his second WBO title defence. If Monroe really is scared, then an early stoppage is on the cards.

    My only concern for Saunders is a nagging concern he may have cut corners to get in shape and may fail a drugs test. He’s never failed one before, so it’s only a hunch.

    The best fight of the night might take place in Liverpool where two unbeaten super middleweights have the first bout of the WBSS tournament for that division. Callum Smith should have too much power for Skoglund, but it should be entertaining while it lasts.