Our Annual Turkey Of The Year Award

By William Trillo

Once again we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another Holiday season and like clockwork Pound4Pound will start the award season with it’s ever popular Turkey Of The Year Award, also known as The Golden Bird.

This year the prize goes to tandem recipients. These two fighters went out of their way to earn the coveted honor. Quoting Kosmo Kramer, “Mother Nature is a mad scientist!”

Without hesitation this years award goes to the fighting Charlo brothers, Jermall and Jermell.

While Jermall was busy beating the tar out of a one legged man (Jorge Sebastian Heiland) in a butt kicking contest, Jermall’s only fight in 2017, his brother Jermell had a whopping two fights in 2017 with his signature fight coming via one round KO over Erickson Lubin, a fighter whom we warned you was not the hot prospect many were led to believe he was.

For all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the twin brothers these accomplishments were mediocre at best.

The real shame here is that both of these guys are pretty talented young men whose lack of activity and big mouths have earned them little or no respect in the boxing community. In recent interviews both brothers have complained about this lack of respect but neither one is willing to take responsibility for their less than warm receptions.

If I were advising the brothers I would tell them to up the activity rate, let their fists do the talking in the ring and to keep their Sweet Potato Pie Holes shut.

On a side note, ripping off your shirt in public and challenging a woman to go “Mano a Mano” is also not doing you any favors.

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