I Have A Few Questions

By William Trillo

In my always humble opinion that was about as interesting a weekend in boxing as we have had this year. I am sure you would have to agree. While Showtime and HBO were busy playing dueling networks, New York boxing fans had to decide which event would satisfy their palates. It was an evening of Championship boxing that had social media on fire when all was said and done. After digesting the fights and contemplating what fans had to say on message boards I have a few questions I would like someone/anyone to answer. Please!

Wilder vs. Ortiz

Has there ever been a more technically unsound Heavyweight Champion in the history of the game?

What was with the thirty second break Wilder got at the start of the round after Ortiz almost decapitated Deontay in the previous round? Has anyone ever explained that?

Is it just me or does the fact that Wilder was ahead on all scorecards at the time of the stoppage, (identical scores by the way), seem absolutely absurd?

Is trying to compare what Wilder did against Ortiz to what Joshua accomplished against Klitschko seem ridiculous at best? I mean, y’all are aware Wladimir Klitschko will go down as one of the greatest Heavyweight Champions of all time, correct? And you do realize he defended his unified titles a record 15 times in a row right? As for Ortiz, he tested dirty for performance enhancing drugs and was suspended…you are aware of this minor detail, right? Now tell me how you compare the accomplishments please.

Uzcategui vs. Dirrell

Has Virgil Hunter ever taken an established world class fighter and made him better?

Kovalev vs. Mikhalkin

What happened to Kovalev in the post fight interview? Has anyone ever seen him so unsure of himself?

I know Sergey has had a life changing revelation but this new improved version seems a bit too passive for me. Can we just have “Krusher” back please ?

Bivol vs. Barrera

I agree Bivol is a talented fighter but don’t ya think HBO was going a bit overboard with their shill job?

Did they really say he was a Golovkin/Lomachenko hybrid? That’s one heck of a tall order. Do you think they are putting a bit too much mustard on the hot dog?

Was it really necessary to show highlights of Bivol’s KO over Sullivan during the Main Event? Don’t you think that’s extreme overkill?

OK, maybe most of those questions are a bit rhetorical, but that’s what’s on my mind.

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