StubHub Hubbub

By William Trillo

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Hubbub: a loud, confused noise, as of many voices: tumult; uproar.

On any other Cinco De Mayo post fight report I would be commenting on the boxing festivities that took place in Las Vegas. As we know those plans were scrapped along with a gnawed on T-Bone (allegedly). Trutfully speaking although the shows lack of enormity had most boxing fans seeing Red, I was happy to hit the comfort of my own bed when the proceedings came to a grinding halt.

In the aftermath I am already tired of hearing that Triple G proved nothing by demolishing an inferior opponent. Given the situation I applaud him for going on with the Mexican Holiday show and giving the fans another look at his dominance at 160 pounds. Haters need not respond, I will hear none of it.

As it turned out we had back to back boxing from California that combined to put some 13,000 butts in the seats. There were no fights of the year on either card, but we did learn a few things.

In no particular order here is what this weekend taught us:

Vanes Matirosyan has nothing to be ashamed of.

Ryan Garcia is far from ready to display his wares in a world title fight.

Jayson Velez looked like he was there to perform but not there to win.

With his victory Spike O’Sullivan is the odds on favorite to get the next shot at the idle Canelo.

Cecilia Braekhus was less than impressive in her stateside and HBO debut.

Ryan Martin is far from a Blue Chip.

Max Kellerman can ask some really stupid questions.

The Canelo clone is good for a laugh.

Cyborg is frightening.

The “Me Too” movement is embarrassed by woman’s boxing.

The fans at StubHub are a tough crowd and will let the boo’s fly if they disapprove. (See Garcia, Braekhus and Kellerman).

I should have eaten two of those bacon wrapped hot dogs those cart vendors sell after the show.

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