Your Other Left!

By William Trillo

As defined by your other left
Phrase meaning “right” for dumbasses that can’t tell the difference between left and right.

Once again the ineptitude of my peers reared its ugly head at the Crawford/Horn post fight press conference on Saturday night. During the Q & A with Crawford two of my esteemed colleagues made it pretty clear they haven’t the slightest clue when a fighter is fighting from the orthodox stance or attacking his foe as a southpaw.

The first question came from a relative unknown who asked why when Crawford’s trainer asked him to switch stances that he didn’t comply by switching from orthodox to southpaw. Crawford chuckled and then corrected the directionally challenged telling him it was the other way around.

A few moments later a similar question came from someone who thinks he is God’s gift to boxing journalism, that being Fat Dan Rafael. That’s right boys and girls, Mr. ESPN boxing himself doesn’t know left from right. When he made basically the same error as the other journalist Crawford smiled and corrected the misguided question. Rafael tried to get more from Crawford on his Southpaw vs. Orthodox strategy but it was pretty clear Crawford was just toying with Dan and not answering his questions. Heck, even Bob Arum joined in the fun as they made light of the situation. If Dan didn’t see he was getting mocked by Crawford and Arum…..well….he doesn’t know his right from his left…need I say more?

So, here we are with ESPN launching their new platform and their lead boxing journalist clearly has not a clue what he is talking about. Was it not for being spoon fed scoops because of that chair he plops himself down in Bristol, it’s doubtful this guy would get any run at all in the boxing world.

Moving on…. Haters already be hating on Crawford because of the inferior competition he took on Saturday night. And yes, Horn had no business being in the ring with Crawford with the simple exception that the man held a World Title Belt at 147 pounds and was the defacto reigning champion. It’s hard to blame Crawford or Bob Arum for that matter as “Bud” stepped up to 147 pounds and immediately made himself credible by dethroning Horn and staking claim to a 147 pound title. The mere fact that he holds one of those belts now instantly made him a very viable commodity in the welterweight division. Get over yourselves haters; Crawford is here to make some noise.

Something else Horn had no business doing was entering the ring to the same music that Gennady Golovkin has all but branded as his own. Hearing Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes as Horn walked out to battle rang very hollow, especially since most of us knew his performance was destined to be anything but Triple G-esque. In light of the events that transpired I think Horn would have been better served coming out to the Aussie classic Waltzing Matilda.

And last but not least, what was the story with security at The MGM on Friday before the weigh-in? I’m not sure what the Barney Fife dude at the door was all agro about but I was pretty sure he was getting ready to mace me down before I could get in the door to do my job. Really dude, I’m sorry you couldn’t pass the test to become a real police officer but I am pretty sure you could have found someone a little more dangerous than me to roust. Seriously…I was sure I was going to spend the weekend in the Las Vegas hoosegow. No doubt that would have pleased many of you…especially those of you that are 3 donuts short of 400 pounds.

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