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It’s Just A Fig Newton Of Your Imagination!

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

By William Trillo

Let’s be perfectly clear: I am well aware I rub many of you the wrong way. Of course there is another handful of people or more who believe I have no idea what I am talking about. And truthfully, I’m pretty sure the majority think both statements are true.

I can live with that, and in turn you have no choice but to live with this;

As much as my opinions may make you want to scream, keep in mind that I am not some journalist, (photo or otherwise), who attaches himself to fighters like a blood sucking Leach looking for a small piece of the purse and a tiny portion of the fame.

Also bear in mind I am not employed to or financially tied to any broadcast network and thus I have no need to shill for a particular fighter in the hopes of stuffing a few more dollars in my pockets.

With those notes in mind allow me to pontificate on the fight proceedings that took place this weekend, and a bit more.

I have no idea what Murat Gassiev was thinking, but when he decided to do his best Arthur Abraham Turtle Shell impersonation he made the normally plodding and Two Left Footed Aleksandr Usyk look like an in his prime Cassius Clay. I understand this fight was for the coveted Muhammad Ali Trophy, but really Murat, the idea was not to try to make your opponent look like the awards namesake.

And to set the record straight, I saw Usyk live, up close and personal about a year ago. That performance did not impress me in the least. I watched a C+ fighter in Thabiso Mchunu give Usyk fits with his movement until he gassed out after 4 rounds. Still it took Usyk five more rounds to put him away. It was a mediocre performance at best.

Now…I’d like to warn my faithful readers, (all three of you), to sit down because my next statement is going to floor you. I have been told that Andre Ward is considering a comeback in the cruiserweight division and is looking for an immediate title shot against Dr. Clubfoot. Not only do I implore Ward to come out of retirement but I am here to tell you he will dismantle the Kiev Klutz inside of eight rounds.

Bet you never saw that one coming….huh?

Now onto the HBO broadcast on Saturday night from the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

Look, I understand networks are there to be shills for the house fighter, that is the A-side of the bout that belongs to the promoter, in this case Golden Boy. But on this night the team and more importantly Jim Lampley went well above and beyond the call of duty.

Jaime Munguia is a good young scrappy fighter with a lot of flaws that need to be corrected, I am sure there is not a person on the planet who would disagree with that statement.

Well maybe there is one. Or at least one who is willing to become a carnival barker for his master.

On Saturday night Liam Smith started out the night pretty well and may have won the first round. But over the next couple of rounds Muguia started finding the mark and feeling pretty good about himself. After a heated exchange Munguia started bouncing around which inspired Lampley to state that Munguia looked like a “young and in his prime Oscar De La Hoya”.

Insert foot in mouth here. It appears Lamps may be drinking just a tad too much of the Golden Kool-Aid.

The only similarity between a young De La Hoya and Munguia is trainer Robert Alcazar. The next likeness to Oscar will come when Munguia fires Alcazar. And I would expect that to happen soon. The lack of head movement and the wild and wide punches along with the willingness to trade at all costs are huge deficiencies. It’s going to take a trainer with a lot more discipline to instill skillful qualities in the Wild Horse Munguia. If Alcazar couldn’t tame De La Hoya there is no way he can break Munguia.

Looking ahead, has anyone taken a look at the fight card at Staples Center this coming weekend?

There are 15 fights on the card.

That’s right….FIFTEEN.

If you want to see all the fights you might wanna show up to Staples around 10:30am

This is the cause and effect of the Advisor…errr…Manager…errr…Promoter…ummm….trying to suck up and rule the industry by signing every fighter on the planet, (some 200 or more by all accounts), and then having no place to put them and having no choice but to shove them all deep on the ass end of a card that is snoozeville outside of the main event.

Point fingers, try to shift the blame or ignore the problem all together and pretend it doesn’t exist. The fact of the matter is you created this mess due to an insatiable greed. Good luck trying to fix it now. The wheels are coming off the bus and you’re headed over a cliff.

Nice job…?

Finally, Manny Machado is my new favorite baseball player! Welcome back MannyWood.

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