Loeffler and Sanchez Hold Court

By William Trillo

Fight week is finally upon. That’s right! After a year of let downs and posturing Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez are less than one week away from settling the score that left everyone wanting more after their controversial draw last year. After the 360 Promotions show this past Saturday night, Golovkins promoter Tom Loeffler and his trainer Abel Sanchez held an impromptu press conference for the media in attendance at Super Fly 3. Pound4Pound was on hand and spoke to both men about events leading up to this highly anticipated grudge match. Check out what we spoke to them about:

Pound4Pound: In the first fight everyone on both sides worked hand in hand and it seemed all went pretty smooth leading up to the that fight. But in this promotion for the rematch it’s clear nothing has gone particularly smooth. What can you tell us about that and the ensuing war of words we have seen and heard as the fight draws near.

Tom Loeffler: One thing Gennady has made a point of is that even though he has been very critical of Canelo it was about the positive drug testing and the excuses Canelo has made. GGG has never said anything personally negative about Canelo. It is Gennady’s belief that Canelo tested positive but these things said about the National Anthems and that GGG is not Patriotic, well that was a little bit of a stretch. I don’t know where they came up with that one because the Anthems are going to be played. It’s just that HBO feels, especially when there are three anthems, that’s 20 minutes, that it is a huge speed bump between the Co-Feature and the Main Event. It is no disrespect to the anthems at all, but they are going to be played before the HBO PPV so everyone on the free stream will see the anthems on the preview show as well as everyone in the sold out arena who will see and hear the all the anthems as well. The HBO PPV will start after that, just like it was done here tonight for HBO’s broadcast of Super Fly 3.

Abel Sanchez: I think the insults and that…what did Eric (Gomez) call me? A Crack Head? Really?

TL: I didn’t hear that one.

AS: Oh yeah! And then Chepo calling me Pendejo!

TL: Chepo called you a donkey.

AS: It’s the same damn thing! ….But anyways….if someone can point something out that we have said in that realm I’d welcome it and admit to it…but they can’t! All we are trying to say is the truth and tell what has happened. If it’s a lie then please show us and tell us where it’s a lie….please show us.

TL: We are protecting Triple G’s position! It wasn’t Abel who protested about the gloves even though he got blamed for it, he hasn’t even had a chance to look at them yet.

P4P: Do we have a resolution on the gloves yet at all?

TL: The Nevada State Athletic Commission said that those gloves they want to use, (No Boxing No Life brand), are not going to be allowed in this fight! They submitted to The California Commission as we understand and they won’t approve those gloves for any fight. So it’s not just Nevada. It is things like this that get stretched out and all we want is to have focus in the ring. We don’t want any controversies outside the ring, we just want focus inside the ring as well as a level playing field between these two great warriors.

P4P: So we don’t have to worry about any glove issues next week.

TL: No, not a glove issue, there might be other issues, but there will not be a glove issue!

There is no doubt there is going to be some eleventh hour negotiating before the fighters enter the ring. Whatever the sides agree to, or not, it’s time to step into the ring for round # 13. Only time will tell who comes out on top both outside and more importantly inside the ring.

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