It Is Time For You To Stop All Of Your Sobbing

By William Trillo

The replay of The Canelo vs. GGG 2 bout took place this weekend and I made it a point to stay as far away from it as humanly possible. I saw it live a week ago and I know what I saw. I did not need Harold and his band of Merry Men trying to get me to second guess what I know I saw last week, that being a razor close victory for Canelo. Yes that is how I scored it, the same as the two official judges in the house that night.

I wasn’t sitting with all the A-list journalists on media row that night, but to tell you the truth, I think my seat gave me a much better vantage point than most of the guys 17 rows back on the floor that night, (see photo for my view of the fight above). I had a perfect and unobstructed view and with the state of the art binoculars I had that night, (thanks Augie), I was literally on top of all the action. I will stand by my score as I saw it until the end of time.

Unfortunately there is an inordinate amount of fans, media and boxing insiders that just won’t let it go. Among those is Team Golovkin who are on a mission to make sure everyone knows that straw polls taken around the globe apparently have crowned GGG “The People’s Champ.” Just looking around the horn on Social media I have no doubt everything Team GGG is stating is true…but….the fact of the matter is Canelo won a very close and yes, controversial decision. He is the Champion and it’s time to let it go. Move on, regroup, go back to the drawing board and figure out how you are going to recapture your belts. In the immortal words of The Pretenders, “it’s time to stop all of your sobbing.”

Allow me to share an email I received from one of my peers this week. Actually to call him a peer gives me way too much credit. These thoughts were penned by a seasoned sports journalist who still writes for one of the biggest boxing platforms on the internet. My friend who shall remain anonymous said;

“I totally agree with you on GGG. A Twitter scribe is going all-in on writers saying he was robbed. Total bullsh*t. I had it slightly for Canelo. Every round was so close. Except for 2-3 rounds I thought it was very hard to call them either way. One reason is both fighters IMO didn’t let it air out and take risks. And I didn’t think, as these guys did, that it was a great fight. A good fight, not great. Not enough balls to the wall fight to qualify as great. You want great middleweight fights think of Hagler with Leonard or Hearns. This was two guys fighting in close quarters, being way more conservative than they should have been. Scored either way would’ve been fine with me. Robbery? Hell no.”

Throw in the thoughts I got from Larry Merchant less than 48 hours after the fight concluded,, and it’s clear to me the decision rendered was very close but acceptable.

Quoting a line that Golovkin himself used many times, “This is boxing, this is sport,” I think it’s time to set aside the sour grapes, and like a true sportsman, accept the loss and do whatever it takes to re-stake your claim as best at 160 pounds.

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