The Mail Pouch: New Year’s Edition

By William Trillo

Happy 2019 to all our faithful readers! No lists or Best of the year here. Just a response to our good friend Nick as we follow up on my Charlo thoughts. With that in mind Pound4Pound is hopeful that 2019 will bring us the fights that real fight fans want to see. Let’s see what Nick has to say:

Hi Billy,

You’re too funny, thanks so much for your words and I couldn’t agree with you more. I would like to see for 2019 Jermall vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko, (and I thought Greeks had long last names). Jacobs barely squeaked though that fight but credit to both fighters for a great show. If someone is willing to put on a good show I think many fans would like to see that fight.


All my best to you and everyone in Montreal in 2019 Nick. You make a very good point. I’d love to see Charlo follow Jacobs lead and put it on the line against Derevyanchenko. But due to circumstances beyond our control we can pretty much assume the powers that be won’t let that fight come to fruition. After the Charlo (either one) performance at the end of 2018 it’s more likely that they will do a lot of gum bumping before stepping into the ring with yet another unworthy foe.

In a boxing world full of world class talent it’s a shame these guys just won’t step up and earn their shot at the big money fights. If we can hope for anything in 2019 it would be for ALL the top talent to square off against each other instead of floundering around taking on has beens and never were’s.

Let’s hope that boxing promoters around the globe have made it their New Year’s Resolution to make the big fights happen in 2019. It’s what the boxing fans deserve!

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