AB Stands For “About Bankrupt”, Morally Speaking

By William Trillo

As defined by Urbandictionary.com
Morally Bankrupt: Morally bankrupt is how you define a person or a group of people that have shown a regular history of making choices that are devoid of ethics and/or morals.

I’m going to be brief and to the point here as I direct this blog to the management and/or promoters of one Adrien “The Problem” Broner. The question for you is why are you still promoting this disrespectful bum allowing him to stuff his pockets full of undeserved dollars?

Let me be clear here, Broner made a mockery of your promotion and the system last week with his foul disrespectful mouth. On top of that he went into the ring Saturday night with no intention on winning. That was a pathetic performance at best.

Of course Adrien thinks he won. His plan worked to perfection. Go in there and stay away from any real battle for 12 rounds and collect a check. Trust me, go look at his chalkboard. You want find any plans drawn up on how to defeat Pacquiao and win the title on it.

But why would you expect anything different? In his last 7 fights he is 3-3-1. That is hardly the record of a fighter that should be collecting purses in PPV fights, yet you keep greasing his palms with sacks full of loot.

Both Al Bernstein and Jim Grey are well respected industry standards. They did not deserve the verbal venom that Broner spewed in their direction.

Broner’s entire act last week was embarrassing, disrespectful and without an ounce of dignity. By supporting him in any way you are no better than him. In fact, it makes you worse.

Answer me this. Why do you keep supporting fighters like this? Why don’t you put some sort of ethics clause in their contracts that would help deter this undignified behavior?

Better yet…do you think he is funny? Do you think he is right?

He isn’t and never well be.

Anything short of cutting this guy loose so we never have to see him grace another boxing card again is inexcusable.

Y’all parade yourselves around as if you are God’s gift to boxing yet you let dung like this permeate the sport with their foul mouthed rhetoric. It happens over and over again and 99% of the time there you are right smack dab in the middle of it supporting this very tired act.

It was clear from the day you started promoting that it was your intention to take over boxing. If taking over the sport means that you are going to allow fighters like Broner to run slipshod over an entire promotion then your idea of taking over is akin to flushing it down the toilet.

To put it simply, by allowing trash talking fighters to run amuck it is not Broner but rather you that is “The Problem”.

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