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Charles Huerta Fighter-Mentor-Father

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

By William Trillo

There are days that you can walk into a boxing gym and as soon as you step in you realize the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Other days you know from the moment you step in that the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is enjoying the work they are putting in. Such was the case at The Maywood Boxing club as I ventured in to take a look at and speak with one of my personal favorite fighters from Southern California, that being Charles Huerta (20-6, 12 KO’s). The gym welcomed me with open arms and it was a perfect day to get some inside pre-fight talk.

Huerta will step back into the ring this Thursday July 18th at Fantasy Springs Resort as he takes one the always rough Recky Dulay (11-5, 8 KO’s). I spoke with Huerta about the upcoming fight and what might be in store for him this year. Check out my interview:

Pound4Pound: When did you become aware that Dulay was going to be your next opponent?

Charles Huerta: We found out we were going to fight Dulay about 3-4 weeks ago. We were already in camp because they had already given me the date; it was just a matter of finding out whom the opponent would be.

P4P: Dulay is a Golden Boy staple opponent for a reason. This guy will make you work, I am sure you are aware of that?

CH: We are real familiar with him. He has come here to Maywood to spar a few times so my Dad knows what he brings to the table.

P4P: That being said I am sure you are not taking him for granted and are preparing yourself accordingly.

CH: Of course! I do not take any opponent lightly. I know he is dangerous and real strong, fast and explosive. So I know I gotta be on my toes. If I don’t get past this fight I can’t look to any other fights. I am ready.

P4P: This is your first fight back since your loss to Jo Jo Diaz. Coincidentally it is at the same venue. What are your thoughts about going back to Fantasy Springs?

CH: I am happy it is back at Fantasy Springs, I want to go back and redeem myself after the fight with Jo Jo. I am excited and glad to be back and active again.

P4P: The last time I was here at the gym was before the Diaz fight. The atmosphere was a lot more subdued that week as you were preparing for a big fight. In hindsight what did you take from that fight?

CH: The fight with Jo Jo was a big fight and a big one for my career. I had that long 18 month layoff and a lot of people at first did not want me to take the fight because it was Jo Jo, a world class fighter. But I wanted to show everyone I could compete at that level. That night did not go our way but I did make it competitive. Jo Jo was the better man that night but I think everyone here knows I can hold my own at that level now. We now are on the verge of getting another big fight.

P4P: There is a relaxed and confident feel in the gym now. It looks like everyone is having a great time perfecting their respective crafts. Do you feel that?

CH: Everyone is excited for this fight. I got these young guys here who keep pushing me. They all have fight dates coming up to so we are all in serious fight camp training right now. It’s helping us to motivate each other as we look forward to our fights.

P4P: In regard to the “young guys” as you call them, it looks like they are all looking to you for guidance and tips on everything from making weight to fight strategy. How does it feel to all of a sudden be basically the “elder statesman” at the gym?

CH: It feels great that these guys are looking up to me and the experience and knowledge I have. I look at these guys like my little brothers. I put these guys under my wing as they come to me and ask for advice. They see me, a Golden Boy fighter, a guy who has been in big fights, and they want to get there too. They ask me questions and if there is any way I can help them I will because there was a day when I used to ask guys like Israel Vasquez, Urbano Antillon, Giovanni Segura and Martin Castillo for advice and they were always there to help me.

P4P: Two things stand out for me as we talk. One, you have become a mentor of sorts for a lot of these young fighters here at Maywood. And two, you still have a career that you are very serious about and are still looking for the big fights. How are you able to keep all that into proper perspective?

CH: All this motivates so much more, along with helping these young guys I know that I still have so much more left in my career and I have a lot to prove. I feel good! My body still feels great. I will turn 33 next month but I feel I still have a lot to show. I am not looking past July 18th but if everything goes according to plan we should be getting some big fights on some high profile cards in the near future.

P4P: I know it goes without saying that I wish you the best of luck in your next fight and I am hopeful you land some big fights sooner rather than later. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

CH: Yes…Lastly I want to make sure everyone knows that the day I fight July 18th is my first born baby Charlene’s birthday. She will be turning 12 that very day. When she turned 1 year old I fought here in Maywood and now when she turns 12 I will be in the ring again.

One of the best things about being a boxing scribe in Southern California for some 20 years now is being able to literally watch fighters like Huerta throughout their careers. As you watch and pay attention to fighters grow up both inside and outside the ring you learn what truly motivates the man. Huerta is a good hard working nose to the grindstone type of fighter who is loyal to both his family and friends. Those young guys at Maywood couldn’t pick a better guy to emulate.

Tickets ($25, $35, and $45) are on sale at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino box office, by calling 1-800-827-2946, or online at The event will be streamed live on DAZN. The fights will also be streamed live on and on Facebook Watch via the Golden Boy Fight Night Page beginning at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. The series will also be available on regional sports networks around the nation.

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Sweet Pea

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

By William Trillo

It’s hard to put into words how I felt when I heard about the tragic and untimely passing of the great champion Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker. For years I followed his storied career and was always amazed at how he so gracefully performed in the ring. Without question he is one the all time best.

I was fortunate enough to have met Pernell a few years back at a Main Events promoted show. My lasting impression of that night was how he casually walked around the event seemingly unaware that everyone was in awe of his presence. He was humble almost to the point of appearing timid as those in attendance clamored to meet the champ.

His accomplishments in the ring speak for themselves. From his Olympic Gold Medal performance through his outstanding career “Sweet Pea” always carried himself with an unmatched dignity that spoke volumes for who this man was.

We here at Pound4Pound send out our heartfelt condolences to his entire family.

Too Old To Rock N Roll, Too Young To Die

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

By William Trillo

It was only moments after The Fantasy Springs Casino Showroom shook from the 7.1 magnitude temblor that Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull belted out their classic tune, “Too Old To Rock N Roll, Too Young To Die”. It couldn’t have been a more fitting song as the sexagenarian crowd didn’t think about leaving the shaking arena as Tull played on without missing a beat. It was Rock N Roll (take term literally) at its finest.

Earthquake aside it was another great evening of music at the Indio Resort and Casino. With his trusty Flute by his side the spry Anderson broke out a bevy of deep tracks and classics that made Jethro Tull an industry standard back in the day.

On this, his 50th anniversary tour, Anderson led Tull through some oldies like “A Song For Jeffrey” and “Heavy Horses” all the way through his signature song “Aqualung” and the rousing encore song “Locomotive Breath”. Earthquake withstanding it was a night the Palm Desert crowd will not soon forget.

Along with some great concerts Fantasy Springs is also the home for World Class Championship boxing promoted by Golden Boy. For more on these great events log on to

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