Ruiz Disgraceful In Defeat

By William Trillo

It was no sooner than Andy Ruiz rudely interrupted the newly crowned Champion Anthony Joshua’s post fight interview and started laying bait for a third fight that I knew all my suspicions about him were becoming fact. Ruiz, the fighter who had shocked the boxing world a few months earlier when he upset Joshua took everything that he worked to attain for granted.

In an admitted blunder of epic proportions Ruiz revealed his six-month title reign was nothing more than a big party. Statements like, “The partying got the best of me”, and “I didn’t prepare like I should have,” are all this writer needs to hear. There was little doubt in the minds of boxing experts all over the world that Andy Ruiz’s June 2019 Heavyweight Championship Boxing upset of then undefeated Champion Anthony Joshua was one of the greatest upsets in boxing history. This was confirmed at the betting windows where Ruiz was listed as high as 25-1. Just imagine how valuable that would be for a gambler making a free bet with a bonus code Unibet  for best odds and bonus.

Ruiz is an embarrassment to the sport of boxing. In essence what he did was scam the boxing public, got them to shell out a huge chunk of change by talking a big game prior to the rematch only to give us a pathetic performance in his first title defense.

It’s laughable to me that he is already clamoring for a third fight and now promises this time he will be in shape!

Hey Andy, trust me no one wants to see #3.

You made a mockery of The Heavyweight Championship of The World, the most coveted prize in boxing.

Just to clarify, the age-old adage is, “The Heavyweight Champion is the baddest man on the planet”, not the “fattest man” on the planet.

Go away Andy, take your money, your Snickers bars and your plodding stuck in the mud feet and just go away. No one is going to buy into your bloated act again.

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