Top Rank Boxing Is Back On ESPN; It Is Must See TV, And Here’s Why

By William Trillo

This Tuesday night on ESPN boxing will be back as Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions will be bringing us fights twice this week from The MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. The last time Arum promoted a card was at the Fury/Wilder title fight on February 22nd. The dreaded Coronavirus then appeared on the scene and took out everything in its path. Only now are we starting to see light at the end of the tunnel as things are finally opening up….sort of.

ESPN will be broadcasting the fisticuffs as usual but there will be no fans in attendance, which is not usual at all. No one can say for certain how things are going to go that night, but I would advise boxing fans to pay attention to all the cards that are going to be aired minus the fans. We are all going to see and hear things like never before and along the way I am expecting high drama the likes of which not only have we never seen before, but we may never them see again.

Here’s why:

Without the roar of the crowd and the cheering on from fans, fighters will not get that extra adrenaline rush that comes from the electricity of the arena. While some fighters feed off that buzz others can tune all that out and focus completely on the task at hand. How many fights have we seen turn another direction based solely on the rush the fighter gets from the crowd? More than a few. Fighters who are going in as favorites may find themselves on the wrong end of some big upsets if they are expecting the fans to pump them up in the latter rounds. Count on it.

Cornermen are going to play a huge role during the course of fight. Without the noise of the fans cornermen are going to be able to talk with their fighters during the action and give them advice easily. No longer will a fighter have to wait until in between rounds to get direction. It’s going to be real time. Trainers who can see and speak to the events as they are happening are going to become more instrumental than ever before. Others who need to process information and think about it for a bit are going to be three steps behind. And if a translator is needed to relay directions from the trainer …forget about it….too late. Am I saying it’s possible a lesser fighter can beat a more gifted fighter based on the fact his corner will be better able to relay directions during those precious three minutes? That is exactly what I am saying.

Judges scorecards are going to be extremely interesting and I can hardly wait to see them. Why you ask? How many times do you think a judge has scored a close round for one fighter over another based solely on whose punches received more reaction from the crowd? I am not suggesting anything other than the fact that judges are human and it’s difficult not to be influenced by the momentum of the crowd. Now they will be sitting on that chair ringside left to their own devices. It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

Expect upsets! Expect some trainer to become the new Flavor of the Month! Expect wild decisions! Expect unheralded fighters to become stars overnight! It’s gonna be a short and wild ride.

Boxing is back and I am excited as anyone about that fact. Yes, I would rather be at the arena covering the show but in the interim I am going to soak in every bit of it that I can. Over the summer, or however long it takes, boxing is going to take on a new personality and I choose to embrace it with open arms. Things are going to happen that we all will be talking about for years to come. We will argue whether a particular fighter would have won the fight if fans were in attendance. We will second guess corners instructions if our fighter loses. Judges scorecards are going to be scrutinized like never before.

It’s time boxing fans. Order a pizza, pour yourself a drink and get ready to enjoy. We are back in business.

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