RIP Flattop

By William Trillo

Yesterday morning I got a text that told me’s Flattop had passed away. It came as unexpected and honestly incredibly sad news. Upon confirming the news, I reached out to my associate here at Pound4Pound, Bret Newton, to let him know.

Flattop gave us both our break into boxing journalism in 2002 and for that we both will be forever grateful to him. Flattop and his associate Karl Frietag have been staples in the boxing community for over two decades now and it deeply saddens us to hear of Flattops passing.

We just wanted to send our condolences and more importantly we want to say thank you to Flattop.

Farewell to you Flattop.

Or maybe it’s better to use your greeting line and bid you… “Good Day!”

Thank You Flattop & Fightnews

By Bret Newton

I was saddened to hear the news yesterday when William called me to inform me of Flattop’s passing. Flattop gave me my start as a boxing photographer at Fightnews back in 2002. Nearly 20 years ago. I hadn’t really thought about how long ago that was until just then. I wouldn’t have accomplished what I did without that and I will never forget it.

Fightnews is also where Will and I met and would eventually team-up to create Flattop is a big result of that.

Thank you Flattop and Karl for giving me the opportunity. Many great memories that will never be forgotten.


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