Spence vs. Crawford 2021 Is A No-Brainer
No Excuses Will Be Tolerated
And Best Of All, I’m Gonna Tell Ya How

By William Trillo

As defined by Freedictionary.com
No-brainer: Something, especially a choice or decision, that is so obvious or easy as to require little or no thought.

As the WBC and IBF Welterweight Champion Errol Spence Jr. was dismantling Danny Garcia on Saturday night the PPV broadcast cut away to a shot of probably the most interested customer in the house, that being WBO Welterweight Champion Terrance Crawford. Like an angler baiting the hook with a juicy worm, the powers that be at PBC just cast their line in the hopes of landing a whopper. Let’s hope they don’t let the big one get away.

As the camera zoomed in on “Bud” in between rounds he was leaning over talking to his posse. With a confident smile on his face, you just knew Crawford was pontificating about how he would handle and dominate Spence.

As we know, Spence went on to defeat Garcia to retain his titles giving boxing fans the hopes that somehow, someway a Spence vs. Crawford Super Fight is looming on the horizon. Like back in the day when boxing gave us fights like Leonard-Hearns, Duran-Leonard, Hagler-Hearns and Leonard-Hagler the matchup between Spence and Crawford must be made.

Of course, there will be hurdles to clear but don’t tell me it can’t be done. Any excuse will be pure horse hockey. Do not tell me that the respective promoters, that being PBC’s Al Haymon and Top Ranks Bob Arum can not do business together. That too in manure.

If the two can put their disdain for each other aside to facilitate Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder there is no reason they can’t do the same for Spence/Crawford. PERIOD. End of discussion.

Logistically, the fight might be a bit more difficult to put together because of the pandemic, but at the end of the day it can be done.

Now let me tell you how.

First of all, you do everything in Texas. From the World Series to Championship boxing The Lone Star State has shown they are ready, willing and able to hold major sporting events with fans in attendance. And yes, I know Texas is the home state of Spence, but I am very sure Crawford would be more than willing to face Errol in his backyard, in fact I think he would relish the idea.

Next, this is going to take a lead up to the big event. So somewhere around May, heck even a Cinco De Mayo battle featuring both fighters in separate bouts in Texas would start the promotion rolling. Don’t worry that you might be stepping on the toes of the usual Cinco De Mayo fight day promoter. With his mainstay long gone what is he going to do? Try to entice you with Ryan Garcia? (Insert LOL emoji here).

I can even give you their opponents.

For Spence it’s easy. Josesito Lopez looked pretty darn good on Saturday night and earned a shot at a title. There is your Main Event.

For Crawford, it would be nice to see how he looks in the ring against a southpaw. I’m sure that would be a test the fans would like to see since Spence is a lefty. Enter the # 6 WBO undefeated contender Michael McKinson (19-0, 2 KO’s). And yes, I know, not exactly a household name, but he is ranked in the Top 10, undefeated and a Southpaw. There’s your Semi-Main.

You build a Spring card around that and make it clear the winners of the Main Events will face off in a Texas summertime spectacular. Of course, you have all parties concerned contractually obligated to this and then you let the fisticuffs begin.

You can promote both dates at the same time. Call the tandem fight cards, “The Texas Two-Step”…not bad, huh?

Assuming Spence and Crawford both get by their Cinco De Mayo opponents, the interest generated around this showdown would be off the charts. A summertime battle in Texas would have the Fight of the Decade written all over it.

Navigating through the World Wide Web the day after Spence/Garcia it’s pretty clear that every boxing scribe on the planet will take nothing less than a 147 pound title unifier before the end of 2021. Any excuses or BS will be met with well-deserved harsh criticism that will be pointed directly at the promoters.

Boxing needs this match-up more than any other fight on the horizon. Boxing fans not only deserve this fight but will be looking for blood if it doesn’t happen. And who could blame them.

Make this happen Mr. Haymon and Mr. Arum or there is going to be hell to pay.

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