The Anniversary No One Saw Coming
& Other Random Thoughts

By William Trillo

It was exactly one year ago today that Tyson Fury rid the boxing world of Deontay Wilder and became the Heavyweight Champ of the World. Little did most of the boxing media in attendance know that this would be the last live event we would cover until further notice. At the present time we are 365 days, and counting, into the longest draught of our respective journalistic careers.

For most of us lucky enough to get a credential, covering boxing is our dream job. A good portion of us do not make any money at it but rather do it for the love of the sport. Having the canvas unexpectedly pulled out from under our feet is akin to a hook to the liver. I know I speak for my peers and myself when I say, we all deeply miss being a part of these great events and will hope and pray this situation is over sooner rather than later.

The Next Oscar “The Boxer” Is Here

First it was the Los Angeles fighter Oscar “The Boxer” Muniz who grabbed the nickname. If there was a more exciting fighter getting into the ring at The Olympic Auditorium in the late 1970’s you are going to have to point him out to me.

Next of course there is Mr. De La Hoya. Early on in his career a few called him Oscar “The Boxer”. But that “Golden Boy” moniker was…well…Golden. Need I say more.

And now we have Oscar Valdez. After his spectacular performance against Miguel Berchelt on Saturday night it is only fitting to call him the new millennium Oscar “The Boxer”. No matter what was said of him before the fight Oscar proved he is worthy to carry the torch. Long live Oscar “The Boxer” Valdez.

In Regard To HBO’s Fake Famous

One of my Southern California peers recently mentioned that “Fake Famous” on HBO, the documentary about these so-called influencers was, “interesting”. Reading between the lines I had a feeling I knew why the heads up was given. Back in the day the same journalist referred to a new breed of arrogant if not useless journalists as “The Blogger Brigade”. How these guys found their way into getting credentials to local boxing shows was anyone’s guess. Outside of them standing around trying to one up each other with how great of an internet following they have, their contributions to the sport were negligible at best.

Somewhere along the way this brigade morphed themselves into this group of “Influencers” we see all over Social Media. Amongst most of the hardcore everyday boxing media who are in attendance to cover the shows, these “Influencers” are seen as little more than Bottom Feeders.

Sorry, someone had to say it.

With documentaries like “Fake Famous” getting airtime one can only hope that like that once popular webpage Myspace, these charlatan’s will get exposed, dry up, blow away and become extinct.

You know who you are.


Did you think I was going to lose my edge?

Not bloody likely!

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