Popoca Jr. Earning His Stripes

By William Trillo

Lost somewhere in the current hustle bustle and rhetoric of fighters not being able to come to terms with some 50 million dollars on the table there are young fighters who just want to climb into the ring and prove themselves as true pugilistic warriors. There is nothing these young men want more than to look across the ring at their foe as they wait for the bell to ring so he can earn his stripes by proving he is the better man.

Such is the case for young fighter Frank Popoca Jr. who will be stepping into the ring this week for the second time. The fight in South Carolina is far from the national spotlight, but for Popoca it does not matter. He just wants to step into the squared circle and prove he has everything it takes to rightfully be called a “Prizefighter”.

Check out our interview with Popoca Jr.:

Pound4Pound: Your career started off with a Majority decision victory, how do you feel going into your second pro fight?

Popoca Jr.: I’ve had time to look back at the film to study my mistakes and learn from them. I definitely feel more confident coming into this next fight.

P4P: Your opponent has 25 pro fights under his belt, that’s a big step up. Your team must be very confident in your skills?

PJ: Although I’m stepping into the ring with someone of much more experience one thing that can’t be questioned is the work that was put in leading up to this fight. My team’s confidence in me and the training is what made us take the fight.

P4P: Speaking of your team, you have James Toney working with you. How were you able to hook up with James?

PJ: James Toney was first introduced to me by Tony Burgess. Burgess is my manager and has played a huge part in my whole professional career.

P4P: Your fight is in South Carolina, what is the connection there? How did you connect with a promoter on the other side of the country?

PJ: That also is thanks to Burgess. His connection with SouthPaw promotions is what was able to help me get the fight.

P4P: Do you have any last words for your friends, family and fans before the fight?

PJ: To everyone supporting, I thank you! I appreciate it very much. I’m going to do my best to put on a show for you guys. Big thank you to my coach Salvador Gonzalez and lastly thank you Pops for making this fight happen. Thank you Xio Sandoval for setting this up.

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