Deontay The One Trick Pony;
Fury Exposes More Than Wilder’s Lack Of Talent

By William Trillo
Photo: Al Applerose

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One Trick Pony: one that is skilled in only one area: one that has success only once

I’m pretty sure that anyone with even the slightest bit of boxing acumen knew Deontay Wilder was a “One Trick Pony” long before Tyson Fury put the finishing touches on the near three fight beatdown he delivered to “The Bronze Bomber”.

Outside of that long powerful right hand, some called “The Eraser”, there was little or no evidence that Wilder, who was spoon fed a string of second-rate bums over most of his lone title reign, had any real Champion caliber talent at all.

After the second Fury fight it was apparent Wilder’s skills were subpar at best. Casting a ton of blame on everyone and everything but himself, Wilder fired his trainer Mark Breland and brought in Malik Scott to smooth out the rough edges. As you saw Saturday night Wilder’s skills didn’t look any better at all, in fact they looked worse. Let’s face it, at 35 years old it was highly unlikely Malik was going to teach an old dog any new tricks.

You saw the result. In a crowd-pleasing battle that saw both men go down multiple times, Wilder who showed moments of his own resilience, finally succumbed to a pretty good beating. It was over in eleven.

After exposing the limitations of Wilders skills Fury unknowingly was about to expose another trait of Deontay that had been questioned in the past. After going to his fallen foes corner in a show of respect Fury emphatically stated, “I beat him three times and I’m a sportsman and wanted to give him some love and respect…he didn’t want to give it back. That’s his problem….”

It’s a huge problem.

This is the same guy who before the fight accused Fury of cheating in the last fight. This is the same guy who told Fury at the pre-fight press conference that Tyson did not possess Knockout power. This is the same guy who runs with a posse that has no problem running, “You gonna get yo’ ass kicked White Boy” smack anytime they crossed paths with team Fury during fight week.

Make no mistake about it, had Fury’s team run some of that racist smack back at “The Bomb Squad” there would have been Hell to pay in this bass-ackwards society we live in. Like it or not, you know that fact to be true.

So, after a fight that was a third in a Trilogy, a fight that saw these two leave a part of themselves permanently in the ring, you are telling me Wilder didn’t have the dignity or humility to show Fury some respect?

No, he did not.

As Fury would later say, “That is the true heart of a cowardly man.”

One of the things that I love so much about the sport of boxing is the fact that after brutal wars and epic trilogies fighters have the respect for their foes with handshake, hugs and sometimes even deep friendships. Think Gatti-Ward, Pacquiao-Marquez and the like.

Instead, Wilder chooses to swallow a jagged and bitter pill while spouting excuses for his losses and blames everyone but himself. And in case you haven’t heard, the excuse train for this last fight with Fury is already gaining steam and should be heading your way soon. A busted finger, busted knuckle, broken hand, and a busted lip are all loaded up on the locomotive and getting ready for delivery. Consider yourselves warned!

Prior to the fight Wilder was already hinting at retirement. In a perfect world he does just that, it’s time for him to go away.

No one likes a sore (three time) loser….NO ONE!

And that includes yours truly.

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