Pure Chocolatito & More

By William Trillo

Whether Julio Cesar Martinez coming into the title fight overweight was a calculated risk (see Orlando Salido vs. Vasyl Lomachenko) or just an irresponsible blunder, the fact of the matter is, it didn’t distract Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez in any way, shape or form.

The fight was pure “Chocolatito” through and through. Any concerns that the fighter from Nicaragua is on the downward side of his career were laid to rest in San Diego. The future looks good for Gonzalez as big fights loom. When asked what might be next, Gonzalez deferred to the man he called his boss, that being Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn. It’s hard to imagine that Hearn is not going to take another crack at getting that Juan Francisco Estrada trilogy fired up once again. Fight fans are clamoring for that “Rubber Match” to happen, and if we are learning anything about Hearn, it is that he is getting a knack for giving the people what they want.

Speaking of giving the people what they want…how about Canelo being in the house to cheer on his countryman? I gotta be honest with you here, I wasn’t sure what to make of Canelo prior to him speaking English. But now that he “Habla Ingles” I must say he has a pretty sharp sense of humor, and I like it. There are a lot of fighters that need to be put in check, and he has no problem doing it. Let the good times roll.

Ring announcer David Diamante made his return to the squared circle in San Diego. It was great to see him back in action. The outpouring of love from the fans, fighters and media in attendance was impressive to say the least, he was definitely getting the love. He was truly missed after his motorcycle accident. It’s good to have him back and more importantly, it’s good to see him healthy.

Do with this information as you will; Featherweight Mauricio Lara is must see TV. His demolition of Emilio Sanchez inside of three rounds was about as entertaining as it gets. Don’t go to the kitchen for pizza when this guy gets in the ring, he is all action all the time. Chances are his fights will end sooner rather than later. I have no problem saying he would dethrone any of the current 126 pound champs. Store that for future information.

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