Did Golden Boy Promotions
Throw Ryan Garcia Under The Bus?

By William Trillo

Apparently, we were not the only ones who found the absence of both Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins at the Ryan Garcia post-fight press conference a little bit more than curious. As it turns out, numerous websites and blogs questioned Oscar and Bernard both going ghost after the fight. In a not very surprising move, both The Golden Boy and B-Hop came up with their versions why they did not attend the late night festivities.

That being said, we are posting this little quiz to let you decide why you think Ryan Garcia got thrown under the bus by his promoters after the fight.

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One Response to “Did Golden Boy Promotions
Throw Ryan Garcia Under The Bus?”

  1. Scout says:

    They were there Making fools of themselves all week, then suddenly they can’t attend? Uh huh.