Crawford vs. Spence Random Thoughts

By William Trillo
Photo: German Villasenor

No one adapts to another fighter’s style and exposes his weaknesses better than Terence Crawford…No One.

If Errol Spence Jr. had a Plan B he forgot to use it. (Big If).

I am trying to recall the last time a Super Fight that was basically 50/50 according to oddsmakers became such a one-sided beat down.

Outside of Tyson Fury entering the ring against Deontay Wilder to the song “Crazy”, the music Crawford played for his ring walk was hands down one of my all-time faves…and spot on for the evening.

In case you didn’t notice, Crawford, who can fight from either the orthodox or southpaw stance, fought as a lefty all night long and never switched up. Not once.

The last time Spence fought a southpaw was in September of 2015 against an extremely inferior opponent by the name of Chris van Heerden. Was anyone doing their homework at all over there? Hello?

So…Being right about how this fight was going to turn out got quite a few people uninvited to the party.

I have said it before, and I will say it again; You know all those faces that you looked at smugly as you climbed your way to the top? Remember this, you will have to look at those same faces again on your way down.

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