In Loving Memory
Leavander Johnson

- Chavez Victory Comes At Heavy Price -
Johnson Suffers Brain Injury!

By Will "The Thrill" Trillo
Photos By Bret "The Threat" Newton

With his victory, Jesus Chavez upped his record to 42-3 with 28 KOs and became the new IBF Lightweight Champ. With the loss Leavander Johnson falls to 34-5-2 with 26 KOs and loses his belt. At the present time all that rings hollow when you realize that due to injuries suffered in this fight, Johnson fell into a coma, had emergency surgery to relieve swelling on the brain, and now lies in an induced coma. Everything else seems meaningless at this point and the blank stare on Jesus Chavez face in the post fight press conference was enough to let you know that his thoughts were not on his victory, or what he might do next, but instead his mind was what transpired in the ring just hours earlier.

From the second round on Chavez was landing power punches with pinpoint accuracy and Johnson time and time gain was on the wrong end of some very well placed right hands. Showing his heart of a true Champion, Johnson weathered the blows and did everything he could to retain his belt, but with each and every round that passed, and with every punch that landed it was evident that Chavez was on a mission that could not be stopped. Over and over again Chavez would attack and all that Johnson could do was put his back on the ropes and cover up and hope he could land an effective counter now and then. This scenario repeated itself more with every round with Chavez becoming more and more confident as the end of the fight drew near. At the bell ending round 10 Johnson looked at Chavez and smiled, not in fun, but more in respect for his well displayed skills.


It took Chavez 38 seconds of the next round to complete his task and become a two-time champion, and for that moment in time Chavez was exuberant!

And then as fate would have it Johnson left the ring and began to display all the symptoms of a fighter who suffered from a subdural hematoma. Quickly the mood changed but fortunately for Johnson the doctors acted just as quickly and he was whisked away to the hospital for emergency surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with Leavander and his family.

Jesus Chavez is a true Champion and surely deserves to be recognized as one of the top lightweight fighters in the World. His performance Saturday night was awesome, the eventual outcome is very hard for everyone to take and our thoughts and prayers are with Jesus Chavez and his family as well.




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