Famoso The Victim Of Horrendous Scoring

By Will "The Thrill" Trillo
Photos: Bret "The Threat" Newton



Coming off a tough split decision loss to Jesus Chavez, Carlos Hernandez was in need of a convincing win over his foe Bobby Pacquiao if he was to keep his Featherweight title aspirations alive. When he was dropped in the second round, Carlos was going to have to dig deep into the well if he planned on turning this fight around, and in the opinion of most ringside observers, he did just that. Over the next eight round of action Famoso became the warrior that we all have come to expect and in the eyes of many he swept the final 24 minutes and clearly should have been awarded the unanimous decision nod.

Unfortunately, it was not to be as the cards revealed a split decision victory for the tough Pacquaio. An up in arms crowd showed their displeasure for the ridiculous score as they booed the decision handed down by the judges at ringside.

From the third round on Carlos kept the pressure on and was landing numerous blows that appeared to breakdown Bobby and as the fight ensued, Hernandez kept getting stronger and it seemed as if Pacquaio was losing steam. But for whatever reason, two judges kept giving rounds to Pacquiao and in the end he was handed a victory that he did not earn, it was a gift, plan and simple.

It's really overdue, but it is time to take a serious look at the men in the judges seats, and if they are not up to the task it is time to remove them and bring in some fresh faces to this very difficult job.

Whether or not that takes place in the future means little or nothing to Famoso who now has to deal with tough back to back losses and a record that has fallen to 41-6-1 with 24 KO's.
Pacquiao should count his blessings and take this gift decision quietly as he sees his record improve to a still mediocre 26-11-3 with 11 KO's.

For the record, final scores read 95-93 & 95-94 for Paq and 97-92 for Hernandez.

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