Marrone and Curren
About to Crack the Surface


By Charles “Sweetchuck” Presnell

A little over a decade ago Gus Curren opened a boxing gym in Vero Beach, FL.  Unlike places like Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, Vero Beach lacks the toughness of the innercity that drives several fighters to greatness.  People joked on Curren saying, “What do you expect to find in Vero Beach, a world heavyweight champion?”  Gus responded by saying, “Yeah.”  Years have past and now Curren has groomed Michael Marrone (11-0, 9 KO’s) into a heavyweight phenom who is getting noticed when he fights and a clear favorite amongst the fans to have seen him fight.


Marrone was asked why he is different from other young fighters coming up and why he thinks he has an edge, and he responded by saying, “I live a clean lifestyle, I don’t go out late, I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs, I don’t have a girlfriend, several fighters say they’re living a good lifestyle, but they don’t all the time. “ 


Although his style is eye catching, Marrone’s last fight against Adam Smith did not go exactly according to plan.  Smith was disqualified in the fourth round for excessive holding.  According to Gus Curren, Marrone’s trainer/manager, “It was an ugly fight, Mike did some good body work and landed the uppercut, but he just couldn’t get Smith to stop holding.”  Apparently the way Smith was holding Marrone was not in a traditional way as Smith would hold Marrone more around his waist and knees.  “It was almost like he was trying to get disqualified,” Curren informed.


To try to combat this from happening again, Marrone let us know that he and Gus are working on preventing this happening again.  “The fight was a good experience because Gus and I went right to the gym and work on this problem.  Gus has showed me techniques to prevent the excessive holding.  He is also telling guys in the gym to attempt holding me in sparring so I can work on it,” Michael commented when asked about the Smith fight.


Unfortunately for the duo, not every fight can be spectacular.  The Adam Smith fight took place on the biggest stage of Marrone’s career and he was stuck fighting someone who did not want to fight.  Michael has taken this experience and he’s using it to his advantage by working on techniques to better his game, several fighters his age would have dismissed the performance on a bad opponent.  Life moves on for the prospect from Vero Beach.  


Gus informed us that if Michael takes care of business on December 10 he will fight early next year on ESPN.  Michael has great enthusiasm towards this opportunity.  Finally he will get the chance to be seen by a national television audience. 


Michael is the type of fighter the pubic can cheer for.  Since the age of 9 he’s been loyal to the same trainer, Gus Curren, and worked hard with the Duva’s doing anything they asked for the privilege to help out and be around some of the best fighters ever.  He lives a clean lifestyle, going to school and boxing being his main focus.  .  For Curren, Michael is his focus and he works hard to continue to groom a heavyweight champion of the world.

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