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  Cotto "Plasters" Margarito
"Wraps" Up Long Awaited Revenge

By William Trillo
Photos: Chris Farina - Top Rank


“I need to remove this thorn from my flesh.” Those were the words Miguel Cotto used when asked why he wanted to fight Antonio Margarito again. On Saturday night in New York’s Madison Square Garden, WBA light middleweight champ Miguel Angel Cotto exacted revenge on Antonio Margarito and stopped his arch enemy by TKO just three seconds into round ten 10. Margarito was unable to continue due to swelling around his right eye…YES, THAT EYE! Truth be told the fight didn’t’ have any action in the 10th but a few seconds ticked off as Margarito and his corner pleaded for one more round to no avail, the Doctor had seen enough.

Cotto was all about boxing business in this one and was sticking and moving at a very rapid pace. Margarito on the other hand was applying steady pressure and seemed unfazed by the numerous punches that were bouncing off his surgically repaired face. Tony would laugh and howl as Cotto landed shot after shot and it appeared he may be able to walk through Cotto’s boxing. But in round three Tony’s bad eye started bleeding and by round nine it was swollen shut. He could not see the incoming bombs nor could he aim his own arsenal properly. Margarito is as rugged warrior as anyone can imagine but his machismo at that point was futile at best.

Acting on the advice of the doctor referee Steve Smoger stopped the fight before any more damage could be done to Margarito, it was the right call to make. Short of a KO, Cotto was in no position to lose as he was ahead on all judges cards at the time of the stoppage 89-82 across the board.

Cotto said before the fight he wanted to punish Margarito for what he believes happened to him in fight one. After the fight Cotto was asked why he walked over to Margarito’s corner to stare at him. Cotto answered, “I just wanted to look at him so I could taste my victory.”

I guess that means the thorn in his flesh was successfully removed.


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