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  Complete Report From Nottingham
Froch Defies Critics

By Kevin Preston @ Ringside

Carl Froch (now 29-2-0, 21 KO’s) stopped Lucian Bute (now 30-1-0, 24 KO’s) in the 5th round to become World Super Middleweight Champion for a 3rd time. After the fight Froch stated that it was the comments amongst the British written press and some Sky Sports pundits that had provided the biggest motivation for the fight after they doubted his ability to gain victory against Bute. And it was a stunning victory indeed.

Froch looked to put the pressure on from the start and had the better of the exchanges. Bute did land with a good left of his own but this only looked to spur Froch on as he finished the round well.

The 2nd round followed a similar pattern with Froch looking to push the pace but he again gets caught trying to get up close to Bute. He responded well however and again finished the round on top as he looked to box more intelligently, making better use of the jab.

Bute twice landed with good left hooks early in the 3rd but again this only brought out the best from Froch. He later admitted that Bute’s punches did have an impact but he “swallowed them up like Pac Man” and continued to put the pressure on. If the punches did hurt Froch he certainly hid it very well as he started to dominate the fight. A swift combination from Froch put Bute back on to the ropes and from there Froch unloaded with a flurry of punches. Bute managed to escape but Froch kept up the pressure and had Bute back on the ropes again. Froch landed with a number of big punches and this time Bute looked hurt as Froch was timing his punches perfectly only to be halted by the bell.

Froch continued to move forward from the start of the 4th and although looking a little tired from the energy used up in the last round he was making very good use of the Jab and Bute could not find any rhythm, missing with a couple of wild swings. Froch continued to pressure and just as it looked as Bute was recovering Froch hurt him again and Bute retreated on to the ropes once more. Froch sensed an opportunity to end the fight early and moved in, picking his punches and landing at will. This time Bute fought back but Froch did not slow down. Bute was soon back on the ropes and was saved by the bell for the second round in a row, looking very unsteady as he went back to his corner.

Froch came out for the 5th more determined than ever and was now in complete control. Bute was back on the ropes for the 3rd time in the opening stages of the round and a big right hand really hurt Bute. Froch then followed it up with a number hurtful looking punches and the referee stepped in after a big left hook right hook combination almost puts Bute through the ropes. There was huge confusion as it appeared the referee had stopped the fight and Eddie Hearn (Froch’s promoter) entered the ring to celebrate, only for the ref to begin his count. The confusion was short lived though as Bute’s corner stepped in to halt the count and the fight.

After the fight Froch said that he couldn’t say that this was his greatest fight as he had had so many great wins. On reflection I think he may change his mind as this was certainly the most impressive performance from a British fighter since Joe Calzaghe took apart Jeff Lacey in similar fashion, albeit without the knock out.

Froch also talked about where he wanted to go next and after announcing he would have retired had he lost this fight he suggested he would like a chance to avenge his defeat to Mikkel Kessler. Eddie Hearn hinted at an easier opponent first and also suggested that the next fight would not be a re-match with Bute, if Bute wanted to face Froch again. Hearn didn’t rule out a second fight between the two but said it was very unlikely it would be Froch’s next fight.

Carl Frampton (now 14-0-0, 9 ko’s) remains unbeaten after beating Raul Hirales (now 16-1-1, 8 ko’s) on points, with one of the judges giving Frampton all 12 rounds. Frampton did control the fight from the start and although there may have been a case for giving Hirales one or two of the closer rounds Frampton always looked comfortable. Hirales constantly moved forward but Frampton didn’t allow him to settle, picking him off on the way in. Frampton showed good footwork to avoid Hirales attempts to get close and by the 7th round Hirales was looking dejected and no longer moving forward with the same intentions. Frampton’s confidence continued to grow throughout the fight and by the 12th round he was looking very assured. Framptons mentor Barry McGuigan was watching on from ringside and will be very happy in what was a very assured display.

Pier Oliver Cote (now 19-0-0, 13 ko’s) stopped Mark Lloyd (now 15-6-0, 3 ko’s) late in the 5th round in what was a real show of class from the Canadian. Cote dominated all 5 rounds and after already being knocked to the floor once in the 5th round the referee stepped in to stop the fight as Lloyd was again taking a barrage of punches up against the ropes.

Erick Ochieng (now 10-1-0, 1 ko’s) won on points against AA Lowe (now 10-7-1, 2 ko’s) with one of the Judges giving him all 10 rounds. This was a little harsh on Lowe who came on strong late on as Ochieng tired in the last couple of rounds but Ochieng thoroughly deserved the win.

Scotty Cardle (now 3-0-0) beat Ideh Ockuko (now 4-5-0, 1ko) on points after 6 rounds.

John Ryder (now 11-0-0, 6 KO’s) beat Luke Robinson(8-2-1, 2 KO’s) on points after 8 rounds.

Ryan Aston (now 7-0-0, 3 KO’s) beat Paul Samuels (now 21-11-2, 12 KO’s) with a 5th round TKO.

Terry Carruthers (now 11-11-6, 1 KO) beat Adnan Amar (now 25-3-0, 7 KO’s) on points after 6 rounds.

Kieran Farrell (now 12-0-0, 2 KO’s) beat Jason Nesbitt (now 9-146-3, 6 kO’s) on points after 6 rounds.


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