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Showtime Says No To Bute vs. Froch

By Daniel Cloutier

TVA Sports confirmed on their Monday night broadcast that Showtime wants to televise a fight between Lucian Bute vs. Andre Ward or Bernard Hopkins and not with Carl Froch.

It's hard to say what InterBox, Bute's promoter will decide, because they already have a deal with Bute vs. Froch in the works for two fights, April 14th in Montréal, and August 4th in Nottingham.

It could be that InterBox will try to get another network to keep Froch in the picture, but Bute still have another fight to complete his contract of three fights with Showtime.

Can he break his contract with Showtime? Can he ask Showtime to let him fight Froch twice with another network in the picture, with the promise that he will fight Ward or Hopkins on Showtime in the future?

It's hard to speculate but we can be sure Interbox should have something to say about this soon.


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