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  Abraham Lopez Remains Undefeated;
Oscar Negrete Follows Suit To Stay Unbeaten

By William Trillo & Albert Castillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


It was another wild night at The Golden Boy promoted card at The Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles. With a bevy of early round KO’s and two hard fought main events there was no need to drive to any Las Vegas Casino to get your boxing fix. Everything you needed and more was on display at the L.A Club.

Featherweight Abraham Lopez (21-0-1, 15 KO’s) expected a tough fight from Baja California’s Sergio Lopez (21-11-1, 14 KO’s) and that is just what he got. In return the fans at The Belasco Theater were treated to a hard fought and entertaining 10 round war. Both fighters put it all on the line tonight, it was a great way to close out the boxing year at the Los Angeles club.

For ten rounds Abraham put the pressure on Sergio. His punches were landing often and were leaving marks all over his foes face. But in his defense Sergio never quit and gave it everything he had over the distance. There was no time for Abraham to relax in this one, not for a moment.

In the end the judges gave Abraham Lopez a clear cut unanimous decision over Sergio Lopez by score od 100-90 & 99-91 twice.

"Who won here were the fans," said Sergio Lopez. "Every time the crowd screamed with emotion, I took pride because I was the one putting on the show. I am proud of the work we did tonight, and it felt like a war in the ring."

"He was definitely a warrior," said Abraham Lopez. "I definitely thought that there were moments throughout the fight that he was going to go down, but it goes to show how tough he was. I definitely think that it was my night tonight."

Bantamweight Oscar Negrete (15-0, 6 KO’s) took it to the streets against Raul Hidalgo (26-15, 19 KO’s) in this semi-main event battle. Hidalgo was looking to come inside and get dirty and that was just fine for Negrete who capitalized on the street fight. As Hidalgo held with one arm Negrete was beating him upside the head with his free arm. This was not a pretty fight to watch but it was effective for Negrete who beat his foe into a helpless state. After take one shot after another the ref jumped in to save Hidalgo from more punishment. Negrete walked away with the TKO victory at the 2:49 mark of round 4.

“The game plan is to win,” said Oscar Negrete. “When you face an experienced fighter like him, you know you are going to encounter some dirty tricks. However, I remembered my training – to keep my distance, to place pressure, and to attack in a manner that would break him down slowly. That was what won this fight.”

Featherweight Edgar Valerio (9-0, 5 KO’s) took on a maybe too tough for his own good Guadalupe De Leon (9-15, 5 KO’s) in a scheduled six round bout that saw De Leon catch a lot of punches directly to his well worn mug. Valerio was the aggressor throughout most of the fight but was caught with an occasional hook that kept him honest. In the final round De Leon was hit with a sharp right hand that dropped him to the seat of his pants. The ref took a look at the beaten fighter and waved this one off at the 22 second mark of the final round.

“I was in the ring with a more experienced fighter, and yet I was able to get the win for being the smarter man,” said Edgar Valerio. “We didn’t get much chance to study him as a fighter, but just looking at his past fights and how calm he was in the ring made us switch up the game plan. All in all, I’m thankful to God, my team, and Joel De La Hoya Management for the opportunity.”

Super Featherweight Jousce Gonzalez (3-0, 2 KO’s) dropped Jordan Alvarado (0-2) twice in round one. The first knockdown came by way of a shot to the chin, the second came via a body shot. Alvarado took the ten count after his second visit to the canvas and at the 2:20 mark of round one this bout came to a grinding halt.

“I’m overjoyed by the result, and this sets the tone for my career” said Jousce Gonzalez. “But this is only the beginning. I have a long road ahead of me, and I can’t wait to hit the gym to train hard.”

The Super Middleweight fight between Niko Valdes (3-0, 3 KO’s) and Will Williams (0-3) was nothing short of a joke. Valdes pushed Williams down at the 46 second mark and that was that. Awful display.

“The stoppage was going to happen, it was only a matter of when,” spoke Niko Valdez. “I was expecting my opponent to be on the weaker side since he had trouble making weight, and all I had to do was use my skills to know when to attack and put him against the ropes.”

Featherweight Francisco Esparza (5-0, 2 KO) clocked Gerardo Molina (1-3, 1 KO) with right hands over and over again for as long as this one sided fight would last. Fortunately for Molina that would only be through round two as the referee mercifully brought this one to a halt at the 2:16 mark.

“When a former world champion [Fernando Vargas] is your trainer, you get results like these,” spoke Francisco Esparza. “Vargas pushes the best out of me, in and out of the ring. I knew I just had to be patient in the ring. When I landed that right hand, and I saw that I hurt him, and my intuition told me to unleash on him.”

Cruiserweight Todd Unthank May (10-0, 4 KO’s) went to the flabby body Daniel Najera (5-1, 1 KO) early and often in round one. Before the first three minutes where over May landed a crisp hook to Najera’s chin and like a ton of flubber he was down and out for the ten count. Officially the fight came to an end of the 2;16 mark of the first round.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get a knock out,” spoke Todd Unthank-May of his knock out. “I knew if I was patient, I would be able to get the result that I wanted, I just had to break him down. I’m excited to maintain this momentum through 2017.”


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