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Bazinyan: "It’s Crucial That I Stay Undefeated"

By Daniel Cloutier
Photo: Robert Lévesque


MONTRÉAL — The WBO Junior super middleweight champion of the world, the Montrealer Erik Bazinyan, will try to make another step to reach the international ratings Saturday evening in the ring of the Tohu Theatre in the North of Montréal. The Junior world championships are reserved for the fighters of 21 years old or less. Bazinyan is 21 years old.

Saturday, in the main event of a boxing show organized by the Rexa Promotions, Bazinyan (14-0-0), who has the brothers Howard and otis Grant as trainers, will face Alis Sijaric (13-2-0), a fighter from Switzerland, and an eight rounds bout.

“Yes, I am looking to get my place in the Top 10 of the WBO ratings, then, it’s crucial that I stay undefeated,” said Bazinyan at the weight in held at the Monster Gym in Dorval, in the West island of Montréal. “I am ranked 16th actually, I know I am progressing constantly technically, and I really believe I have a promising future in pro boxing.”

Howard Grant said: “Erik has a tremendous potential. I won’t be surprised if his name appears in the Top 10 of the WBO ratings in the months to come, and I really like his chances to become world champion in the years to come. No doubt, he has the talent ans the determination to reach his goals.”

Bazinyan saw his opponent in action on video. “He looked strong physically, he seems to be a solid puncher, but I really believe that my technique, my strategy, my power and the precision of my shots will make the difference in the result of the bout,” said Bazinyan. “I know I have the weapons to stay undefeated.”

At the weigh in, supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie des sports de combat), Bazinyan posted an official weight of 171.9 pounds, versus 173.3 pounds for Sijaric.

In the preliminaries bouts of the evening, the Montrealer super lightweight Roody Pierre-Paul (13-3-1) will fight the Mexican Noel Meija Rincon (20-11-1), Dario Bredicean (12-0-0), a super middleweight from Cape Coral, Florida, living now in Montréal, will face the Mexican Francisco Rios (12-6-3), Dwayne Durel (6-0-0), another super lightweight from Montréal, will face the Mexican Guillermo Garcia (3-3-0), the Montrealer lightweight Golden Garcia (8-0-0) will be opposed to the Mexican Jorge Luis Melendez (8-3-1), the middleweight Christian M’Billi (2-0-0), a boxer from Cameroun living now in Montréal, will fight the Mexican Sergio De Leon (7-1-0), the super middleweight Jordan Balmir (3–0-0), from Drummondville, Québec, will meet the Hungarian Akos Kovacs (2-2-0), the Montrealer lightweight Chann Thonson (1-0-0), will challenge the Hungarian David Berner (3-1-0) and finally, the Montrealers Mohamed Soumaoro, a super lightweight, and Jean-Michel Bolivar, a middleweight, will make their pro debut. Soumaoro will challenge the Mexican Antonio Vergara (1-1-1), and Bolivar will be opposed to the Hungarian Istvan Szucs (2-6-0).

At the weigh in, Pierre-Paul posted an official weight of 136.7 pounds, Rincon 137.7, Bredicean 168.8, Rios 179, Durel 139.3, Guillermo Garcia 138.3, Golden Garcia 135.1, Melendez 134 pounds, M’Billi 161.0, De Leon 160.4, Balmir 159.1, Kovacs 157.2 Thonson 133.4, Berner 132.3, Soumaoro 139.4, Vergara 139.6, Bolivar 163, and finally, Szucs 158.1pounds.


In a minor boxing show presented by The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group Thursday evening at the Metropolis Bar in Montréal downtown, the Montrealer Batyr Jukembayev (9-0-0), a fighter coming from Kazakstan, won the vacant IBO lightweight championship, in beating the Mexican Cosme Rivera (41-24-3) by TKO in the seventh round.

The heavyweight Simon Kean (9-0-0), from Trois-Rivières, Québec, won by KO in the first round against Michael Marrone (21-7-0), from Vero Beach, Florida. After the bout, Kean challenged publicly the new WBU heavyweight champion, Adam Braidhwood (7-1-0), a boxer from Edmonton, Alberta, who won by KO against Eric Martel Bahoeli (11-7-1), from Québec City, last February at the Videotron Centre in Québec City.

And the Montrealer Russian lightweight Abalikhan Khussainov improved his record to 6-0-0, with a victory by TKO in the second round against the Mexican Cristian Arrazola (23-14-2).


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