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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Erik Bazinyan Stops Sijaric In The Fourth Round

By Daniel Cloutier
Photo: Robert Lévesque

MONTRÉAL - The WBO Junior super middleweight champion of the world (a title for fighters of 21 years or less), the Montrealer Erik Bazinyan increased substantially his chances to be rank soon in the Top 10 of the WBO ratings, Saturday evening in the ring of the Tohu Theatre in the North of Montréal.

Involved in the main event of a boxing show organized by Rexa Promotions, Bazinyan improved his pro record to 15-0-0 with a win by TKO in the fourth round against Alis Sijaric (13-3-0), from Zurich, Switzerland.

For Sijaric, it was a first defeat by KO or TKO.

“I said it was crucial for me to stay undefeated against Sijaric, and I said the truth,” said Bazinyan after the bout. “I want to get my place in the Top 10 of the international ratings as soon as possible, and for that, it’s was a must to keep my perfect record. Then, I fought with concentration, intensity and discipline in each round, and the result of the bout is showing it.”

Bazinyan dominated the action from the beginning to the end.

The Montrealer was very intense in the first round, working perfectly with the jabs and power shots.

Sijaric got few good moments in the second round, but Bazinyan connected the most impressive power shots of the round.

In the third round, Sijaric was productive offensively during the span of one minute, but Bazinyan connected a lot of punches during the two other minutes of action.

Bazinyan attacked furiously in the fourth round, and his opponent was clearly unable to block the shots. Seeing that Sijaric was definitively in trouble, the referee Steve St-Germain intervened to stop the fight and declared Bazinyan the big winner.

“Sijaric is a pretty good puncher, but I dominated the action, no doubt about it,” said Bazinyan. “In the third round, Sijaric tried his best, he looked pretty confident, but I found the way to put him in trouble. I was certainly better than him technically. And he was really in trouble in the fourth, when I attacked him furiously in the ropes. I am not surprised at all that the referee stopped the bout.”

Bazainyan’s trainer, Howard Grant, said: “Erik fought very well technically and strategically. No doubt he is progressing fight after fight. I really believe he will reach the Top 10 of the international ratings in the months to come, and eventually, he will become world champion.”


Just before the presentation of the main event, the Montrealer lightweight Roody Pierre-Paul scored his 14th win (14-3-1) in beating the Mexican Noel Meija Rincon (14-12-1) by unanimous decision in eight rounds.

Pierre-Paul used his speed and technique to dominate his rival.

Dwayne Durel, a super lightweight from Montréal who was considered as one of the best prospects of the Canadian pro boxing, lost his first pro bout.

He lost by split decision in six rounds against the Mexican Guillermo Garcia (4-3-0).

Garcia surprised the crowd in the second round: he sent Durel (7-1-0) on the canvas with a solid right hand on the chin.

The bout was extremely violent, each fighter trying to win by KO in each round.

Two or the three judges scored the bout in favour of the Mexican.

The Montrealer lightweight Golden Garcia (8-0-1) has been obliged to accept a draw after eight rounds of action with the Mexican Jorge Luis Melendez (8-3-2).

The fight was close, each fighter having his good moments offensively.

The middleweight Jordan Balmir (4-0-0), from Drummondville, Québec, won by KO in the second round against the Hungarian Akos Kovacs (2-3-0).

The super middleweight Dario Bredicean, a fighter from Cape Coral, Florida, living now in Montréal, improved his record to 13-0-0 in beating the Mexican Francisco Rios (12-7-3) by TKO in the second round.

In this second round, Bredicean attacked furiously his opponent in the ropes, and the referee intervened to declare the Mexican TKO.

The GYM Group last acquisition, the middleweight Christian M’Billi, from Cameroun, obtained his third win in pro boxing (3-0-0), a TKO over the Mexican Sergio De Leon (7-2-0).

In the third round, De Leon put a knee on the floor when M’Billi connected him with a solid body shot, and few seconds after, M’Biilli sent his opponent on the floor again with another destructive body shot, and the referee stopped the fight.

The Montrealer lightweight Chann Thonson scored his second win in pro boxing (2-0-0), with a victory by TKO over the Hungarian David Berner (3-2-0).

Thomson provoked two knockdowns in the first round. In the second round, Berner went again on the canvas, this time on a body shot, and for the referee, it was enough. The bout has been stopped after 28 seconds of action in this second round.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer super lightweight Mohamed Soumaoro made successful pro debut, in beating the Mexican Antonio Vergara by TKO in the first round.

Soumaoro attacked furiously in the second minute f the bout, and he hurt seriously the Mexican. The referee intervened to stop the bout.

Right after the bout Soumaoro-Vergara, another Montrealer made his pro debut, the middleweight Jean-Michel Bolivar, who won by TKO in the third round against the Hungarian Istvan Szucs.

In the second round, Bolivar provoked the first knockdown of the bout. And he sent twice his opponent on the floor in the third round. After the third knockdown, the referee stopped the fight.


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