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  Duno Shocks Gonzalez With 2nd Round KO

By William Trillo @ Ringside
Photos: Marlene Marquez

In case Lightweight Christian Gonzalez (16-1,14 KOs) didnt see what hit him his name is Romero Duno (13-1,12 KOs) and with a stunning 2nd round knockout he claimed the vacant WBC Youth Intercontinental lightweight title.

The battle had all the earmarks of a firefight early as both men threw some very heavy leather. It was towards the last minute of round one that Gonzalez landed a pretty good combo on the face of Duno but that was quickly answered by a crisp right hand to the chin that dropped Gonzalez. Fortunately for Gonzalez he was literally saved by the bell and was able to stagger back to his corner.

Duno came out like a hurricane in round two and pounced all over Gonzalez. To his credit Gonzalez did not give in and for a moment it looked like maybe he was going to get back into the fight. But that is when Duno uncorked a right hand that sent Gonzalez to the seat of his pants. In his best effort, Gonzalez tried to get to his feet but no sooner than he did he tumbled to the seat of his pants again. The fight was over at the 57 second mark of round two.

A jubilant Duno jumped for joy in celebration as he came into hostile territory and took the fight and the title with him.

In terms of the knockout, I was just listening to my coach and kept boxing, said Romero. I fought hard and disciplined myself to not take any lucky punches. I based my strategy in seeing what my opponent was doing and adjusted whenever I needed to.

Hats off to Gonzalez who was taken out of the building on a stretcher. Thoughts and prayers out to him for a quick recovery.

Super Welterweight Alexis Rocha (7-0, 5 KOs) dropped Marcus Beckford (3-6-3,1 KO) in the early seconds of round one with a beautiful right hook. Beckford got up and weathered the storm but he was just no match for the overpowering Rocha. Down again from a body shot at round three Beckford looked the worse for wear. Rocha beat Beckford from pillar to post in round four and that was all she wrote. Beckford chose not to answer the bell for round five giving Rocha his 5th KO in his 7 victories.

From the early knock down, I started to load my hands trying to knock him down again, but I learned that I need to stay composed, said Alexis Rocha. In regards to my performance, I did okay and definitely had learning moments.

Super Welterweight Angel Bojado (1-1) came into the ring the size of a middleweight and the inevitable happened against Jhon Leon (2-0, 1 KO). Leon took advantage of Bojado dragging some extra baggage around the ring and outboxed Bojado over the four round bout. Take nothing away from the victory for Leon as he came into the ring in shape and earned his victory but.Bojado appears to have some real skill that is getting wasted behind 25 pounds of excess flubber. Scorecards in favor of Leon read 39-37 across the board.

I think I fought very intelligently, said Jhon Leon. I roughed him up a bit here and there but stuck to my style of boxing and Im happy to come out with the victory.

Super Middleweights Niko Valdes (4-0,4 KOs) and Alejandro Osuna (1-3, 2 KOs) put on a 4 round battle that was short on talent and long on wind. Osuna came out early and threw everything he had and then gassed out. Valdes meanwhile struggled to find the mark while his foe was sucking for air. In round four Osuna was done but Valdes could not muster the strength to put him down. The ref stopped the battle at the 2:16 mark of round four. Valdes gets the victory but the KO goes to exhaustion.

My opponent was a very tough fighter, said Niko Valdes. I was throwing a lot of hard punches, but the coach told me to start going to the body and that seemed to work moving forward in the fight.

Featherweight Francisco Esparza (6-0, 2 KOs) kept his unbeaten record alive but it was no small chore against the rugged Emmanuel Castro (2-4, 2 KOs). Esparza found himself in the middle of a very good challenge as Castro pressured him throughout the six round affair. When the bell rang to end the battle the look on Esparzas face was relief as he had to give it his all to take the unanimous decision victory. Scorecards that read 59-55 and 60-54 twice gave the deserved nod to Esparza but were not reflective of a very close and tough battle.

My opponent put a lot of pressure, it was a tough fight, but today I feel I grew as a boxer, said Francisco Esparza. I did a lot of things in the ring I can learn from.

Middleweight Marvin Cabrera (3-0, 3 KOs) needed just three rounds to dispose of Saadallah Aitameemi (2-1-1, 2 KOs). Both fighters came into the ring with 2 KOs in as many victories but it was Cabrera who left the record with an unblemished record. From the onset, it was apparent Cabrera had the heavier hands as he was hurting Aitameemi early and often. Cabrera could not put the tough fighter down but after numerous thunderous shots I round three the ref brought the bout to a halt. Officially the fight was stopped at the 2:35 mark.

I think I performed well for tonights fight, focused on my combinations and was happy to come out with the knockout victory, said Marvin Cabrera.


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