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  Huerta Blows Away Delgado In 3rd

By William Trillo & Albert Castillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Super Featherweight Ivan Delgado (11-1-1,4 KO’s) took a huge step up in competition against Charles Huerta (19-5,12 KO’s) and let the record reflect it was a huge mistake. Huerta used his calm experience to feel out the situation early and then at the opening of the 3rd round Huerta unleashed a right hand that dropped Delgado like a ton of bricks. Delgado rose to his feet but Huerta jumped on him like a house of fire and with just 36 seconds into the third round gone the ref brought this one to an end.

Honestly, Charles Huerta has been the B-side of the last two Golden Boy fights and on each occasion, he has more than made his point. He is still a very relevant contender in the Super Featherweight ranks. Huerta’s performance put him back on the map. No discredit to Delgado who came out and gave it his best against world class competition. But on this night, it was Huerta who showed he still has what it takes to be an exciting attraction for Golden Boy promoted cards.

In his previous fight, Huerta lost a nip and tuck split decision to Carlos “The Solution” Morales. After his performance this evening Huerta has proved he deserves a rematch against Morales. It’s a fight the fans would love to see.

“He was a tough fighter but I knew I had to stick to the jab,” said Charles Huerta. “As the fight went on I was seeing everything he was giving me and after the 2nd round when I went back to my corner, I told my dad, ‘I got him.’ Coming into this fight I knew my experience was key and that is what I was able to show.”

Super Welterweight Jonathan Navarro (9-0, 5 KO’s) took on a “too many burritos for his own good” Joan Jose Valenzuela (4-8-1, 4 KO’s) and the outcome was inevitable although it lasted way longer than expected. As soon as Valenzulea took off his robe it was apparent Carnitas were the main staple on his training table. Navarro wasted no time targeting the flubber and over the course of the scheduled six rounder Navarro played a tune on Valenzuela’s lard filled gut. Surprisingly, the tubby Tijuana fighter lasted 5 rounds until the ref brought the fight to a halt at the 2:21 mark. I can neither confirm or deny the rumor that Valenzuela was seen at the Taco Truck outside The Belasco Theatre moments after the fight.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a knock out, so it feels great to end on that note,” said Jonathan Navarro. “Valenzuela kept taunting me during the first two rounds, but I adjusted myself to his style by the third round and was able to start landing my shots to the body. I’m really proud of my performance, and I can’t wait to get back into the ring.”

Super Featherweights Manny Robles Jr (12-0,4 KO’s) and Jose Antonio Martinez (7-9,5 KO’s) gave the fans six rounds of good action in this chin checker battle. Both Robles and Martinez landed heavy blows during the fight but neither man was willing to go down. It was Robles who controlled the action for the most part and for his effectiveness he was awarded the unanimous decision. Scores read 59-55 and 60-54 twice all in favor of Robles.

“I’m happy to be back at a Golden Boy event, and I’m glad I got this first fight with them out of the way,” said Manny Robles, Jr. “The plan was to go to the body, and try to hurt him there. I still have a lot to work on, and when I go back to the gym I’ll be working on just everything.”

Super Bantamweight Pablo Rubio Jr (9-0, 3 KO’s) took a hard fought unanimous decision over Angel Enrique Aguilar Jimenez (8-12, 1 KO). All three judges scored this one 59-55 in favor of Rubio who keeps his unbeaten record intact. Aguilar gave a decent account of himself, even winning a round in the lopsided defeat.

“Every time I would try to press forward and land my combinations, he would just run away,” said Pablo Rubio, Jr. “He brought in a lot of ring experience, and he caught me off guard with some of his punches. My dad and I came in with a game plan to win, and that’s what helped us secure the victory.”

Featherweight Edgar Valerio (10-0, 6 KO’s) used a plethora of power punches to dispatch of Francisco Dominguez (7-10, 1 KO) in two rounds. Valerio didn’t seem to be bothered with the basics, like using a jab, but instead threw haymakers at the hapless foe until a right hand at the end of round two dropped Dominguez as the bell rang. Discretion became the better part of valor and Dominguez chose not to fight on.

“My dad and I plan for everything, it’s just a matter of timing,” said Edgar Valerio. “I feel good about the win, but like how all fighters say, I’m just ready for the next win.”


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