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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Marc Ramsay: "Lemieux Is Definitively
A More Complete Boxer Than Curtis Stevens"

By Daniel Cloutier

VERONA, NY —— Marc Ramsay, the David Lemieux’s trainer, is expecting an intense and spectacular bout between his fighter and the New Yorker Curtis Stevens March 11th in the ring of the Turning Stone Casino, but no doubt in his mind, his boxer will get out of the ring as the big winner. This WBC Americas Continental championship and WBO Intercontinental championship will be televised by HBO.

“David and Stevens are two natural warriors, both hit solidly, but my fighter is definitively a more complete boxer than Stevens,” said Ramsay. “David is certainly stronger than Stevens physically, and his concentration in the heart of action, is certainly higher than the Stevens concentration. But David will need to stay perfectly concentrate from the beginning to the end of the bout. Stevens keeps always his gloves high to protect his jaw, and his left hook is explosive. But Stevens has a tendency to loose his concentration when the opponent is connecting him with power shots to the head. David knows it. I am sure David will use his power to affect the Stevens concentration and create holes in his defence. More Stevens will commit technical mistakes, more he will be in trouble. Against a destructive puncher like David, all technical mistakes can be punish severely. Glen Tapîa can testify it. Last May at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Tapia paid the big price each time he committed a technical mistake. As you know, David beat Tapia by TKO in the fourth round. I know David is determinate to hurt Stevens in each round, and stop him soon or later in the bout. I am very impatient to see David in action.”

Ramsay said he is not worried if the fight is long. “With a powerful puncher like David, a fight can finish at any moment, said Ramsay. But David is prepared to fight intensively from the beginning to the end of the bout, in case the fight goes to the limit.”

Ramsay is clearly impressed by the Lemieux’s work in the gym. “David is training every day with a lot of intensity, and he is improving constantly his technique offensively and defensively, said the excellent Montréal trainer. David worked with solid sparring partners in the last two months, and day after day, he showed his big determination to perform. No doubt that Lemieux is more mature than ever. He has certainly his place among the best middleweights in the world, and he wants absolutely to be involved in another world championship bout in the months to come.”

Lemieux became IBF middleweight champion of the world in June 2015 in the ring of the Bell Centre in Montréal, in beating the French African Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam (35-2-0) by unanimous decision. But in October of the same year, in the ring of the Madison Square Garden in New York, he lost by TKO in the eight round against Gennady Golovkin (36-0-0), from Kazakstan, in an unification of the IBF and the WBA world titles. After his bad experience with Golovkin, one of the best fighter pound for pound in the world, Lemieux scored a big win over Tapia (23-3-0) and beat the Argentinian Cristian Fabian Rios (21-8-3) by unanimous decision in the ring of the Bell Centre in Montréal.

“David is determinate to become back world champion, and trust me, he is making the efforts day after day to reach his goal,” said Ramsay. “It’s so great to work with a fighter so hungry of success like him. I never need to ask him to work harder in the gym. He knows how much it’s crucial to be perfectly prepared physically, mentally, technically and strategically for all fights. I really believe David will offer us a great performance in the ring of the Turning Stone Casino next week-end.”

Lemieux (36-3-0) is actually ranked third contender by the WBC, sixth by the IBF and fourth by the WBO. Stevens (29-5-0), on his side, is ranked second contender by the WBC, fifth by the IBF, eight by the WBA,and 10th by the WBO.

The promoter of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Gorup, the Montrealer businessman Camille Estephan, the Lemieux’s manager, really believes his fighter will achieve great things this year and next year.

“David made fantastic progress technically since his defeat with Gennady Golovkin, and he still one of the most powerful puncher pound for pound in the world, said Estephan. I really believe in his chances to become back world champion this year or next year.”


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