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  Both Mendez & Roman Win By Early Stoppage

By Barbara Pinnella
Photos: Andrea Kaus


Thompson Boxing Promotions gave us Locked N’ Loaded, which took place this past Friday night at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. In the main event we saw Manuel “La Tormenta” Mendez (15-1-2, 11 KOs) take on Louis “Vampiro” Arceo (28-16-5, 18 KOs). This fight was scheduled for eight rounds in the junior welterweight division.

In the first three minutes Arceo was doing a lot more throwing but it was Mendez who was doing most of the landing. In the second round Manuel was still the more dominate fighter. He didn’t throw all the time, but when he did it was bunches of punches and they landed the majority of the time.

In round three Arceo started off really strong, and was controlling the first half of the round. But then Mendez came back to life. There was blood running down the left side of the face of Louis from that point as well. Manuel did have a habit of trying to roll off the punches a lot, and a few times he ducked himself right into getting hit – not a good option.

There was good back and forth action in the fourth, with both men getting in really good shots. But as had been the case from the beginning, Mendez was just too strong with his punches. After Manuel continued to work on the eye of Arceo and batter him around some more, the fight was stopped after this round by referee Raul Caiz, Sr. Mendez got another victory.

Welterweights stepped into the ring for the co-main event. This fight featured Jessie Roman (21-3, 9 KOs) going up against Luis Joel Gonzalez (11-5-1, 6 KOs), and was scheduled for eight rounds. The first round had just a little bit of action, but with this bout being double the rounds of all the fights that preceding it, that made sense. Neither of them wanted to jump in right off the bat.

The second round was a very good one for Roman. He was finding the body and head of Gonzalez. Luis Joel was trying to fire back, but Jessie was too good for him at this point. Round three was much closer, as Gonzalez came out stronger. These two really liked to fight in close, head to head, most of the time.

They opened the gap between them in the fourth, and that was a big disadvantage for Gonzalez. The distance allowed Roman to land hard body shots on his opponent. It also let him connect with a big overhand left that put Luis on the canvas. And at the 10-second warning, Jessie doubled Gonzalez up with more body shots, putting him down again. As he got up, the bell ended the round.

About mid-way through the fifth round, Roman went to work on the body of Luis yet again, and he went down once more. Almost immediately, referee Raul Caiz, Jr. waived the fight off. The official time of the stoppage was 1:50 of round five.

Alimkhan “AK-47” Jumakhonov (6-1-1, 3 KOs) went up against Alberto Mora (5-6, 1 KO) in a fight that was scheduled for four rounds in the featherweight division. The first round was uneventful, which was rather a surprise considering the fight is only four. Just the opposite occurred in the second. They went to battle, with “AK” getting the best of the war. He battered Mora incessantly, and it was very surprising that Alberto did not go down.

Much to the surprise of most in attendance, a quick little combination put Jumakhonov on the canvas in the third. Alimkhan had just dominated the contest until that moment. The final round went back and forth and we went to the scorecards. One judge saw it 38-37 for Jumakhonov, one 38-37 for Mora, and the third 38-36 for Jumakhonov. “AK-47” got the hard-fought split decision win.

In a fight scheduled to go four rounds, Mario Hernandez made his pro debut, facing Manuel Manzo (0-5). These two fought in the super bantamweight division. Hernandez landed some really solid shots in the opener, but Manzo refused to go down. Manuel came back to land a bit of leather on his opponent.

We saw an action-packed second round. Manzo was like a pit bull in there, trying to prove that he wasn’t going to be pushed around easily. He stayed on the attack the whole time, but Mario refused to back down. The third was crazy as well, with as much action as the other two. This was not a boxing match, it was a war.

Even though they both looked a bit tired in the final round – and why not? They ended as they began; swinging, hitting, punching, doing everything they could to dominate. We went to the scorecards. Those scores were 40-36 and 39-37 twice, all for Hernandez. Mario got his first pro victory while Manzo is yet to put one up in the win column.

Both fighters were making their professional debut in this super bantamweight fight, as Daniel Guzman went up against Xavier Pena. The fight was for a scheduled four. The fight was a pretty even one until a left by Pena put Guzman down near the end of the first round.

They each had good moments in the second. These were two scrappy little fighters. But the fight ended abruptly at 2:04 of the third round when Guzman delivered what referee Raul Caiz, Sr. considered an intentional low blow. Pena was unable to continue, but was given the win because of the intentional call. Talk about the thrill AND agony of victory!

In the first bout of the evening, Alfredo Escarcega made his professional debut against Mario Aguirre (2-8, 2 KOs). This fight was scheduled for four rounds in the junior welterweight division. Escarcega made an impression in the first round. He was throwing combinations to the head and then body of Aguirre, and did not seem to be in a rush – not many wild or wasted punches.

Aguirre landed a solid punch mid-way through the second round, but the rest of the three minutes were still in favor of Alfredo. But Alfredo’s punches had been straying a little low during the fight, and he was deducted a point for that Southern connection in the third.

Escarcega seemed a bit tired in the final round and he lost some of his accuracy, but was still the better fighter. We went to the scorecards. All of the judges saw the fight the same, 39-36, all for Alfredo. He earned his first victory as a pro.

It was a rather blood and war kind of night, but the fights were entertaining ones and Mendez and Roman each made good showings for themselves. The fight between Hernandez and Manzo, while the scores could not reflect it, was a super fight that showed the guts of Manuel as he still searches for his first victory.


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