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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Curtis Stevens: "Lemieux Will Pay The
Big Price For His Provoking Prediction"

By Daniel Cloutier

VERONA, New York — The New Yorker middleweight Curtis Stevens is not intimidated at all by the David Lemieux’s prediction, he is considering this prediction like a pure provocation. Stevens (29-5-0) and Lemieux (36-3-0) will fight Saturday evening in the ring of the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York, in a WBC middleweight Americas Continental championship and a WBO Intercontinental championship. This bout will be televised by HBO.

“Lemieux is pretending I have a big mouth, but as far I am concerned, he has a big mouth,” said Stevens. “He predicted publicly that he will beat me by KO or TKO next Saturday at the Turning Stone Casino. It’s ridiculous. I can tell you that Lemieux will pay the big price for his provoking prediction. I know I am have the power, the technique, the determination and the preparation to win this fight, and I will do it. I know that great things will happen to me this year and next year after this crucial win.”

Lemieux replied: “I saw Stevens in action several times, and trust me, I am not worried at all. I know I will control the action Saturday evening and scored a spectacular win. I am determinate to hurt him in every rounds, and we will see how long time he will resist to this treatment. No doubt in my mind, I gonna win this fight by KO or TKO. I know that Stevens has the tendency to lose his calm and concentration when an opponent his connecting him with power shots. He has no idea how many times I will connect him with my destructive punches.”

Lemieux is ranked third contender by the WBC in the middleweight division, sixth by the IBF and fourth by the WBO. Stevens is ranked second contender by the WBC, eight by the WBA, fifth by the IBF and 10th by the WBO.

“I am a very good position to get a shot for a world title, and win a world title, it’s obviously something I want to achieve in the months to come,” said Stevens. “Lemieux said also he is the ambition to become back world champion, but only the winner of our Saturday evening bout will have this chance in the months to come, and the winner will be me.”

Lemieux replied: “Stevens is dreaming if he thinks seriously he will prevent me to become back world champion in the months to come. I know I have the power, the technique, the desire and the maturity to become back world champion, and I will achieve it for sure this year or next year.”

Lemieux became IBF middleweight champion of the world in June 2015 at Bell Centre in Montréal, in beating the French African Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam (35-2-0) by unanimous decision; However, in October the same year, Lemieux lost his title in the ring of the Madison Square Garden in New York. He lost by TKO in the eighth round against Gennady Golovkin (36-0-0), a great fighter from Kazakstan, in an unification of the IBF and WBA world titles. Golovkin is considered now as one of the five best fighters pound for pound in the world.

The owner of the Golden Boy Promotions organization, the former world champion Oscar De La Hoya, is expecting a great fight Saturday evening. “With the intensity and the preparation of the two fighters, I am expecting a marvellous bout Saturday evening,” said De La Hoya, the Lemieux’s promoter. “I won’t be surprised if this bout is voted as the fight of the year on the international boxing scene. We have all the ingredients necessary on the table to get a memorable event. I know how much David Lemieux is hungry of success, and he will certainly fight like hell Saturday evening. I really believe that the months to come will be fabulous for David. He will prepare the table for bigger fights Saturday, in beating Stevens.”

In a preliminary bout, the Montrealer super lightweight Yves Ulysse Jr, who is undefeated in 12 pro bouts (12-0-), will fight the Zachary Ochoa, from Brooklyn, New York, a fighter also undefeated (16-0-0). “I watched Ochoa in action on videos, and he is a good fighter,” said Ulysse. “He has a good jab and a solid right hand. But i have a good strategy to fight him, and I know I am faster and I am a better mover than him in the ring. My strategy will certainly be the key for a win.”

Claudio Misischia, Ulysse’s trainer, said: “Yes his right, we have prepared an excellent strategy for this bout. And it’s was a must. Ochoa is certainly the most dangerous opponent Yves got in pro boxing. But if Yves fights like usual, and I am sure he will do, I am positive he’s going to win by unanimous decision. The two fighters will be involved in a 10 rounds bout for the first time of their career, than, the stamina will be crucial in this fight. And no doubt in my mind, Yves will have the energy to fight intensively from the beginning to the end of this fight.”


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