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  Friday Night Fights: 3 Ways to Win More Bets

There is nothing quite like fight night. Two lean, focused fighters come to a head to see who is the true master of their craft. The stakes are high, reputations, pride, and the championship belt aren’t all that is on the line.

Another thing that rides on the outcome of many fights is cold hard cash. Gambling in sports is nothing new, which goes double for the classic sport of boxing. Now while that may make it seem like profiting from boxing betting is pure luck, many professional gamblers will tell, and not hesitate to show you otherwise.

The Right Stuff

Becoming a top professional boxing gambler is a lot like becoming a boxing champion, it takes discipline, skill, experience, and most of all, perseverance. While some gamblers win from pure luck, you could never make a living on those kind of odds, it is just pure mathematics. So clearly these professional boxing gamblers understand something others don’t.

Knowledge is power. Professional gamblers are wizards of a sort, conjuring cash out of thin air. The thing they won’t tell you though, is you can do it to. Here are three ways to win more boxing bets:

1. Keep Current

If you want to get the edge over your average gambler, you need to stay in the loop. There is so much news circulating in the professional boxing world, with the help of the internet you can get near instant updates about fighters that effects the odds.

The secret is just knowing where to look. Knowing the right place to get your boxing news makes all the difference. While others will be betting based on outdated news, you can make bets based on real time happenings and keep ahead of the competition.

2. Relax

Trust your instincts. A common problem many gamblers make is that they are always trying to outguess everyone, even themselves. You could see how this would become self-destructive very quickly. So focus only on the facts and probabilities, and sometimes the gut feeling if you’re advanced enough. Just remember not to doubt yourself or second guess, but double check your research.

3. Networking

No matter what occupation you are in, networking is going to be a staple of how you stay in that occupation. This rings true for professional gamblers as well. Learn how to pick up contacts and resources.

Bet365 for instance is an excellent sports betting forum. Everything you need to start making some serious moves, and in a sleek, user friendly layout.

Put Yourself to the Test

Now that you have learned some of the core secrets of the trade, the only thing left to do is get out there and start doing some research. Stay in the stories and get familiar with the betting platform. It is best for beginners to make “fantasy picks” which are just theoretical bets you keep track of to see what your accuracy rating is. Once you get to a comfortable place you go live ammo with the real thing and show em’ what you’re made of.


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