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  No One Lasts All Day With Joey Alday

By William Trillo


Tonight at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles Joey Alday Jr. will be stepping into the ring to put his undefeated record of 7-0 on the line against Nam Phan. With all Alday’s victories coming via KO it would be a wise decision to get to ringside early and not blink if you want to catch a glimpse of the young KO specialist.

Pound4Pound had a chance to speak to Alday about his young career. Check out what the fighter from Odessa, Texas had to say about his upcoming fight and his plans for the rest of the year.

Pound4Pound: Let’s jump right to your upcoming bout, what do you plan on seeing from your opponent tonight? And more importantly, what can fans expect to see from you?

Joey Alday: I don’t know too much about this opponent so we will just go in there and touch him up and see how he does once I hit him and then take it from there. You have to adapt to every fight and even if you have tape on your opponent that doesn’t mean he is going to fight his next bout the same way. So for me I just like to go in there and see where I can open him up, then once I do I crack someone let’s see how they do with power.

P4P: You have an impressive 100% KO ratio. What is the longest anyone has been able to last in there with you?

JA: The longest anyone has lasted with me is 6 rounds. But that was kind of on purpose. In the first round I dropped him with a hook and then my Dad told me let’s go all six, so that’s what I did. I stayed outside jabbing. This was a guy who had 17 fights and never been dropped before. He knew how to survive in there. All 6 rounds went by and in the last round and he was gaining confidence a bit and was opening up when he threw his right hand. So I caught him with a left hook and it was pretty much over for him after that.

P4P: And what about you quickest KO?

JA: My shortest fight came in my Las Vegas debut. I believe that fight was stopped at the 1:35 mark of round number one. I caught this guy in the corner and hit him with a left hook to the temple…he was out cold…asleep.

P4P: You have some 250 amateur bouts under your belt. Can you tell us the importance of a good and long amateur career? When did you start boxing?

JA: I started boxing at the age of 9. My Dad has always been my trainer. As an amateur I had 225 wins and 23 losses. That amateur career makes all the difference in the world, that’s where you get your experience. In the amateurs you can take a loss and learn from it. You do not have quite that luxury as a pro. I fought every other weekend so I was able to learn so much. I got to fight in international bouts as well…I saw everything in the ring. I think the amateur program is really overlooked these days and it shouldn’t be. This is where you get valuable experience; you can make a mistake and lose but learn from it and become better for it. In the pros you have no room for losses.

P4P: What can fans expect to see from you the rest of the year?

JA: I want to keep busy this year so hopefully if everything goes well and I get the win I will have another 3 or 4 fights to close out the year with a lot of activity.

Alday is a fighter boxing fans will want to get a look at now. The impressive start to his pro career has keen eyes checking him out as a budding superstar in the chock full middleweight division. But remember, get there early, with Alday the show is more likely to end sooner rather than later.

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