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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Eleider Alvarez: "Kovalev Will Pay The Price
In The Rematch For His Lack Of Respect"

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer Colombian Eleider Alvarez is extremely motivate for his rematch with the Russian Sergey Kovalev. August 4th at the Hard Rock Hotel-Casino in Atlantic City, Alvarez (24-0-0) dethroned Kovalev (32-3-1) as WBO light heavyweight (175 pounds) champion of the world, in winning by KO in the seventh round.

According to Alvarez’s promoter, Yvon Michel, the rematch is almost sure to be presented February 2nd in Dallas, Texas. ESPN will televise this rematch.

“Kovalev will pay the price for his lack of respect for me,” said Alvarez Monday afternoon at the GYM Group office in the Old Montréal section. “He said that my win by KO August 4th, was just a bad luck for him. He said he will prove in the rematch that I am not deserving to be WBO champion of the world. For sure, the Kovalev attitude motivates me like you can’t’ imagine it. I so determinate to knock him out again. Trust me, I will get a great preparation for this rematch, mentally, physically, technically and strategically, and you will see, I will stay WBO champion of the world.”

Yvon Michel mentioned that after this rematch with Kovalev, Alvarez will dispute his next bouts in Montréal.

“I was hoping to present this rematch Alvarez-Kovalev in Montréal, but it’s Kathy Duva, the Main Event's promoter, who got the privilege to fix the site of the rematch. She mentioned that it will be in Frisco, a Dallas suburb, and it’s almost sure it will be February 2nd. But I can guaranty to the Montreal boxing fans that Eleider will fight in Montréal after this rematch with Kovalev.” Duva is Kovalev’s promoter.


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