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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Bernard Barré: "Stevenson Is Gonna Win
By KO Before The End Of The 9th Round"

By Daniel Cloutier

TORONTO, Ontario - The scout of the GYM Group, Bernard Barré, the man who recruited Adonis Stevenson for the organization in 2006, has absolutely no doubt in his mind: Stevenson will proceed to a ninth successful defence of his WBC light heavyweight championship of the world next Saturday in the ring of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Stevenson (29-1-0) will face the former WBA champion of the world, the Swedish African Badou Jack (22-1-2).

“I am persuaded that Stevenson will keep his world title in Toronto, and he is gonna win by KO before the end of the ninth round,” said Barré. “Badou Jack is a good fighter, he proved several times his talent on the international boxing scene, but Adonis, like you know, is a so destructive puncher, specially with his left fist. I am positive that Adonis will hurt Badou Jack in each round, and Jack will finish the bout of the canvas. Badou Jack will suffer each time Adonis will connect him with a power shot to the body or the head.”

Stevenson revealed that after this win over Badou Jack, he will challenge the winner of the WBO light heavyweight championship of the world opposing the Russian Sergey Kovalev (32-2-1) to the Montrealer Colombian (23-0-0) August 4th at the Hard Rock hotel-casino in Atlantic City.

“I am sure that Adonis is serious when he is saying he wants to challenge the winner of the bout Kovalev-Alvarez,” said Barré. “Adonis would love to complete his boxing career in winning an unification titles bout. And I am positive he has the weapons to reach his goal.”

When he is fighting in Montréal, Stevenson has always the support of his fans, but the situation will certainly be different in Toronto. “Adonis won't pay attention to the reaction of the crowd in Toronto,” said Barré. “He will be totally concentrated of the job to achieve in the ring. I am positive we will see in action the real Adonis Stevenson, a boxer who fight with concentration, in doing the necessary to win.”

Marc Ramsay, the Eleider Alvarez’s trainer, is clearly impatient to see this fight between Adonis Stevenson and Badou Jack. “Badou Jack got a fascinating boxing career, he won several bouts in the underdog shoes, but I really believe he is taking a too dangerous opponent in Toronto,” said Ramsay. “Adonis is faster than him, he is stronger physically and he is so a much dangerous puncher than him. My prediction? Adonis gonna win by KO.”

Eleider Alvarez is a solid puncher, but Sugar Hill, the Stevenson’s trainer, believes his fighter is the stronger puncher on the planet. “No doubt, Stevenson is a destructive puncher, he is an exceptional puncher, but you know as me that the power is not the only advantage in a boxing fight,” said Ramsay. The speed, the concentration and the strategy are also extremely important. I am sure that Adonis will use more than his tremendous power in this fight. With his speed and strategy, Adonis will connect his power shots at the right time, and he will hurt Badou Jack at the right moment. I really believe Adonis will be the master of the ring Saturday night.”

Recently, Alvarez said: “I will dethrone Sergey Kovalev as WBO light heavyweight champion of the world August 4th, but if Stevenson is keeping his WBC title in Toronto, I won’t fight him for the unification of the WBC and WBO titles. I was the WBC mandatory challenger for two years in the 175 pounds division, and never Stevenson gave me a chance to face him. He avoid me during two years, then, if is challenging me for the unification of the WBC and WBO titles, I will tell him to go to hell…”

Ramsay said: “We will see what will happen, but no doubt in my mind, the boxing fans in Montréal will assist to a historic bout if Stevenson is fighting Eleider eventually. It would be a fantastic match up «power versus technique». And I can tell you that Eleider is a very complete fighter. He has speed, power and a great technique, offensively like defensively. I am persuaded that Eleider has the weapons to become world champion, and he gonna prove it in the months to come.” Ramsay is considered to be one of the best boxing trainers in Canada.


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