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Bazinyan Knows He Has To Stay Undefeated

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL — The Montrealer super middleweight Erick Bazinyan is closer than ever to a participation of a world championship. The WBO is ranking him # 5 contender in the 168 pounds division. However, Bazinyan knows he got to stay undefeated. Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino ballroom, Bazinyan (20-0-0) will face the Canadian African Francy NTetu (17-2-0) in the main event of a boxing show organized by the promoter Camille Estephan, the big boss of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group.

“Yes, I know I got to stay undefeated, and I will give the effort necessary to keep my perfect record,” said Bazinyan. “I got a great preparation, and I am sure I will be very energetic Saturday evening. N’Tetu? I saw him in action in watching videos. He is a good fighter, but he has no respect for me, and I want to make him pay the price for that.”

Bazinyan, obviously, is proud to see his name in the Top five of the WBO ratings. “I am proud of my position in the WBO ratings, and I will try everything possible to progress in the ratings,” said Bazinyan. “But I want to get more experience before a first participation to a world championship. I guess my promoter will wait another year before involve me in a world title fight. We will see.”

N’Tetu replied to the Montrealer fighter: “Bazinyan, you mentioned I have no respect for you because I said that you built your perfect record in beating easy opponents. But I really believe it. It’s absolutely true. I am sure you never faced a fighter dangerous like me. I am sure you will recognize it after the fight.”

A fighter living in Chicoutimi, Québec, N’Tetu believes he is better prepared than Bazinyan for this challenge. “I am really prepared to obtain the most important win of my pro boxing career, and I am saying that for the reason that Bazinyan is actually ranked fifth contender by the WBO,” said N’Tetu. “However, nobody will persuade me that Bazinyan is the most dangerous rival I got so far. I fought the American David Benavidez. Don’t forget that Benavidez is the actual WBC super middleweight champion of the world.”

Benevidez (20-0-0) beat N’Tetu by TKO in the seventh round in June 2016 in Brooklyn, New York. “No doubt in my mind, this event will be one of the best boxing show presented in Canada during the last five years,” said Camille Estephan. “I am expecting great action with the two most important fights of the evening, and I am positive the boxing fans will appreciate also our preliminaries fights.”

Just before the main event, the IBF super lightweight North American champion Mathieu Germain (15-0-0), from Montréal, will defend his title against the Mexican Carlos Jimenez (14-8-1).

“It’s the first defense of my North American title, and I am taking it very seriously,” said Germain. “You can tell me that my opponent has not the most impressive record, but don’t forger one thing, he scored wins against fighters with records of 17-0-0 and 19-0-0. I am sure he is more dangerous that his record is showing it. But I am very optimistic about the result of the fight. I am perfectly prepared mentally, physically and technically for this challenge. I want to stay undefeated to increase my chances to be ranked in the Top 10 or Top 15 of the WBC, the WBA, the IBF and the WBO.”

At the weigh in supervised by the Québec Athletic Commission (Régie provinciale des sports de combat) , Bazinyan posted an official weight of 167 pounds, N’Tetu 168.3, Germain 139.8 and Jimenez 139.4 pounds.

This boxing show will include 10 bouts.

The fighters involved in the preliminaries fights are: the Montrealer welterweight Ghislain Maduma (19-3-0), the Montrealer Russian cruiserweight Artur Ziyatdinov (3-0-0), the Montrealer Russian middleweight Sadriddin Akhmedov (3-0-0), the featherweight François Pratte (7-0-0), from Trois-Rivières, Québec, the Montrealer Russian heavyweight Arslambek Makhmudov (3-0-0), the Montrealer Russian lightweight Ablai Khussainov (8-0-0), the Montrealer female flyweight Kim Clavel (3-0-0) and the Montrealer Russian cruiserweight Aratyun Avetiyan (10-0-0).

Maduma will fight the Argentinian Diego Gonzalo Luque (21-6-1), Ziyatdinov will meet the Mexican Francisco Rivas (12-1-0), Akhmedov will be opposed to the Mexican Jesus Javier Mendoza (7-5-1), Pratte will challenge the Mexican Oscar Mata (7-3-1), Makhmudov will fight the Argentinian Emilio Ezequiel Zarate (21-20-3), Khussainov will meet the Mexican Jesus Laguna ((22-12-3), Clavel will be opposed to the Mexican female Cynthia Martinez (4-2-0) and finally, Avettisyan will challenge Mauricio Barragan (4-2–0), from Uruguay.

At the weigh in, Maduma posted an official weight of 146.6 pounds, Luque 146, Ziyatdinov 195, Rivas 195.9, Akhmedov 155.8, Mendoza 155.9, Pratte 124.5, Mata 123.9, Makhmudov 258.4, Zarate 227.3, Khussainov 134.3, Laguna 134.9, Clavel 107.6, Martinez 105.4, Avettisyan 198.2 and Barragan 193.5 pounds.


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