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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Bazinyan Stops N’Tetu In The Sixth Round

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer super middleweight Erik Bazinyan said few days ago that it’s was crucial for him to stay undefeated to keep alive his chances to participate eventually to a world championship fight, and he hit the target Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino.

Ranked fifth contender by the WBO in the 168 pounds division, Bazinyan obtained his 21st win in pro boxing (21-0-0), in beating the Canadian African Francy N’Tetu (17-3-0) by TKO in a NABO and NABA North American championship.

It was the main event of this boxing show presented by the promoter Camille Estephan from The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group.

A fighter from Congo living in Chicoutimi, Québec, N’Tetu was very aggressive during the first minute of the fight, but Bazinyan dominate the action with his good technique in the last two minutes of this first round. Bazinyan dominate clearly the second round. He connected several power shots to the head and the body. The third round was close and intense, each fighter connecting solid shots. The fourth round was extremely spectacular, each boxer was trying to score a KO. A clear domination by Bazinyan in the fifth round. He attacks intensively and he hurt his opponent with a right hand on the chin.

Bazinyan provoked the two knockdowns in the sixth round with power shots to the head, N’Tetu was clearly hurt, than, the referee intervened to declare Bazinyan the winner by TKO.

“In the last two rounds, it was obvious that I placed N’Tetu in trouble,” said Bazinyan after the bout. “I connected so many power shots to the head. It’s was obvious that he was suffering. I finished him in the sixth round with several power shots to the head. My goal was to stay undefeated, and I reached my goal. And N’Tetu insulted me in saying I built my record against easy opponents, I wanted so much to punish him… and I did it. I want to continue to improve my ratings on the international boxing scene, in hoping that I will fight for a world championship in a year or a year and a half.”


The Montrealer Mathieu Germain proceeded to the first defence of his IBF super lightweight North American championship, and it was a successful one.

Germain (16-0-0) won by split decision in 10 rounds against the Mexican Carlos Jimenez (14-9-1).

A judge surprised the crowd in giving the fight to Jimenez by 96-94, but the two others judges scored the fight 98-91 and 92-81 in favour of Germain.

The first three rounds were intense and spectacular, each fighter connected several power shots. Germain was very efficient in the middle of the ring, Jimenez was at his best in the ropes.

In the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds, Germain was the aggressor and he attacked furiously in each round. A clear domination for him. In the sixth round, Jimenez looked in trouble for few seconds.

The seventh round was close and violent, each fighter got his great moments offensively. Jimenez attacked intensively in the eight round, he dominated the action, but the ninth and 10th rounds were close and intense.

“The fight was violent, intense in each round, but no doubt in my mind I won it,” said Germain in getting out of the ring. “I dominated almost of all the rounds. I am very happy, I improved my record, and I guess I increased my chances to be ranked eventually.”


The Montrealer welterweight (147 pounds) Ghislain Maduma improved his pro record to 20-3-0 in beating the Argentinian Diego Gonzalo Luque (21-7-1) by unanimous decision in eight rounds.

Intense, aggressive, Maduma connected the most powerful punches of the fight, but Luque proved he got a very solid chin.

The three judges scored the bout 80-72 in favour of the Montrealer.

The Montrealer Russian Artur Ziyatdinov, a cruiserweight, kept his perfect record (7-0-0) with a win by TKO over the fat Mexican Francisco Rivas (12-2-0).

With his long reach and his solid shots, Ziyatdinov gave a boxing lesson to his opponent. And in the third round, Ziyatdinov provoked a knockdown, and the fight was stopped few seconds after. Rivas accepted the verdict of the referee, because he was sure that his nose’s bone was broken.

The middleweight (160 pounds) Saddridin Akhmedov, an other Montrealer Russian, increased his pro record to 4-0-0 with a win by TKO in the first round over the Mexican Jesus Javier Mendoza (7-6-1).

Akhmedov hurt seriously his opponent with his first intense charge of the fight, in the first minute of the bout. He maintained his furious attacks, and the referee intervened to stop the bout and declared Mendoza TKO after only 57 seconds of action. Mendoza was clearly in trouble.

The featherweight (126 pounds) François Pratte, from Trois-Rivières, Québec, stayed undefeated in eight pro bouts (8-0-0), in beating the Mexican Oscar Mata (7-4-1) by unanimous decision of the judges.

Pratte prepared the majority of his intense attacks with his excellent jab. Pratte dominate clearly the action in five of the six rounds of the fight.

The heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov, a another Russian living in Montreal, scored his fourth win in pro boxing (4-0-0) with a victory by TKO in the second round over the Argentinian Emilio Ezequiel Zarate (21-21-3)

Makhmudov provoked a knockdown in the second round, and few seconds after, the Zarate’s corner men threw the towels. The Russian was clearly too strong for his rival.

The Montrealer Russian Ablai Khussainov, a lightweight (135 pounds), obtained his nine win in pro boxing (9-0-0) in beating the Mexican Jesus Laguna (22-13-2) by KO in the second round.

Laguna attacked furiously in the first round, but Khussainov took his revenge in the second round, and he knock Laguna out with a power shot on the chin. For Khussainov, it was a sixth win by KO or TKO.

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer Russian Aratyun Avetisyan, a cruiserweight (190 pounds), increased his pro record to 11-0-0 in beating Mauricio Barragan (4-3-0), from Uruguay, by TKO.

Avetisyan, who was the aggressor in each minute of the fight, provoked a knockdown in the second round with a solid hook to the body, and few seconds after, he floored again his opponent with a power shot to the head. A this moment, the referee intervened to declare Barragan TKO.

In the only female bout of the evening, the Montrealer flyweight (105 pounds) Kim Clavel scored her fourth win in pro boxing, with a win by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Mexican Cynthia Martinez (4-3-0).

Very aggressive, Clavel dominated the fight from the beginning to the end.


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