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Steven Butler vs. Jaime Herrera Rematch March 31

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The promoter of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group in Montréal, Camille Estephan, confirmed that he will present a boxing show at the Montréal Casino Cabaret March 31st. The main event will be a rematch between super welterweights Steven Butler (22-1-1), from Montréal, and Jaime Herrera (15-5-1), from Franklin Park, Illinois.

In June 2015 in the ring of the Bell Centre in Montréal, the first match up between Butler and Herrera finished by a draw.

“I really wanted to get a rematch with Herrera, and I am so please to know that it’s reality now,” said Butler in a press conference held at the Montréal Casino Thursday afternoon. “I am positive I will be the winner this time. Herrera has a big mouth, but trust me, March 31st, my fists will talk in the ring. Herrera has been so lucky to get a draw in our first match up. It’s true. In this fight, I injured seriously my right hand in the first rounds, and after, it was impossible for me to throw power punches. It will be so different in this rematch. And I know I am a better fighter now than I was in 2015. I made important progress technically in working extremely hard in training day after day. I really believe I will obtain the most important wins of my pro boxing career in the months to come.”

Herrera replied: “No doubt in my mind, I have been robbed by the judges in my first fight with Butler. I was deserving the win. And I got only 20 days of preparation for that bout. This time, I will fight with 50 days of training, then, watch me when the first bell will ring March 31st. You will see in action the real Jaime Herrera this time.”

Estephan is expecting a memorable rematch. “The first fight between Butler and Herrera was intense and spectacular, and I am sure that this rematch will generate more thrill and more action,” said Estephan. The two fighters are so motivated to get justice in this rematch. It will be a marvellous boxing show. We will have nine bouts, and all should produce great action.”

The others fights will involved the Montrealer Custio Clayton (13-0-0), who is WBO welterweight international champion, the Montrealer super middleweight Erik Bazinyan (17-0-0), the Montrealers Russians Batyr Jukembayev (11-0-0) and Artur Ziadinov (3-0-0), the lightweight Ablai Khussainov (7-0-0), from Kazakstan, the heavyweight Adam Braithwood (11-1-0), from Victoria, British Columbia, the super welterweight Raphael Courchesne (1-0-0), from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, and the featherweight Andranik Grigoryan (4-1-0), an Armenian living in Montréal. Jukembayev is a super lightweight and Ziadinov is a cruiserweight.

“If Braithwood scored his 12th win in pro boxing March 31st, in June, we will oppose him to Simon Kean (13-0-0), our undefeated heavyweight (from Trois-Rivières, Québec)” said Estephan. “A match up between the two best heavyweights in Canada will certainly draw a good crowd, no matter in which Canadian city we will present it.”

All the fighters involved on the undercard March 31st, will know soon the name of their opponents.


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