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Steven Butler: "I Am Gonna Win This Fight By KO"

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - Ranked eight contender by the WBO in the middleweight division, the Montrealer middleweight Steven Butler considers this a crucial fight with the American Carson Jones. Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino, Butler (23-1-1) and Jones (40-23-3), a veteran fighter from Oklahoma City, will be involved in the main event of this pro boxing show presented by Camille Estephan, the promoter of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group.

Butler (23-1-1) will try to score in sixth win in a row.

Jones, on his side, lost by TKO against the British Kell Brook and the Californian Mexican Antonio Margarito. “Jones lost against top fighters like Brook and Margarito, but he thinks he will have ann easy game with me,” said Butler. “He will have the surprise of his life. I am taking all my opponents very seriously, I am perfectly prepared mentally, physically, technically and strategically for this fight, and the result will be spectacular for me. I am positive I gonna win this fight by KO. No doubt, it’s a crucial fight for me. A win against a veteran like Carson Jones should help me to improve my position in the international boxing ratings. It’s so important to me to move up in the ratings. I would love so much to get a chance to fight eventually for a world title.”

Jones seems more than confident at few hours of this match up with Butler. “Butler has the reputation to be a solid puncher, but I know I can punch myself,” said Jones. “And I know that Butler will be unable to hurt me. I trained several times with top fighters like Gennady Golovkin and Saul Canelo Alvarez, I fought Kell Brook and Antonio Margarito, then, do you think sincerely that Butler can intimidate me? Come on! I really believe that my experience on the international boxing scene will make the difference in the result of this bout. I know when it’s the perfect moment to attack or counter-attack, or fight defensively. A great win for me in Montréal it’s important, because I want to see my name back in the international ratings. If I want to have another opportunity to fight for a world title, I need to score an impressive win against Butler.”

A fighter of 31 years old, Jones is a former USBA champion, former WBC international champion, former IBF international champion and former NABA North American champion. Butler won 20 times by KO or TKO, versus 30 times for Jones.

At the weigh in, Butler posted an officiel weight of 159.5 pounds versus 160.5 for Jones.

The referee for the main event will be the Montrealer Alain Villeneuve, and the judges will also be all Montrealers, Nicholas Esnault, Marie-Josée Guérin and Pasquale Procopio.

Just before the main event, the Montrealer Mathieu Germain (14-0-0) will dispute an IBF super lightweight North American championship (10 rounds) in fighting the Mexican Christian Uruzquieta (17-3-1).

The Montrealer Erik Bazinyan (19-0-0) and the Peruvian David Zegarra (32-2-0) will dispute a NABO super middleweight North American championship (10 rounds).

The Montrealer welterweight Ghislain Maduma (18-3-0), the middleweight Vincent Thibault (5-0-0), from Québec City and the super welterweight Raphael Courchesne (3-0-0), from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, will be involved in the preliminaries bouts of the evening. They will all fight Mexicans fighters. Maduma will face Johnny Navarette (31-12-2), Thibault will challenge Manuel Garcia (15-14-2) and Courchesne will be opposed to Ernesto Olvera (7-0-1).

At the weigh in, Germain posted an official weight of 140 pounds, Uruzquieta got exactly the same weight, Bazinyan 167, Zegarra 168, Maduma 147, Navarette 146, Thibault 164, Garcia 163, Courchesne 151 and Olvera 152 pounds.

“All these fights should provide great action,” said Camille Estephan. “The last three fights of the evening will certainly be very exciting for the crowd. Butler is fighting a big name on the international boxing scene, and Germain and Bazinyan will dispute titles fights, bouts which could help them to move up in the ratings.”


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