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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Butler Stops Jones In The Seventh Round;
Bazinyan Wins In Less Than Four Rounds

By Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Patrick Lacombe


MONTRÉAL - Ranked number eight contender in the WBO, the Montrealer Steven Butler improved his situation Saturday evening in the ring of the Montréal Casino. He beat the veteran Carson Jones, from Oklahoma City, by TKO after 50 seconds in the seventh round. Butler realized his prediction, a win by KO or TKO.

Butler was the aggressor in the first two rounds, and he dominated both rounds.

More energetic than his opponent, Butler gave a very hard time to Carson in the third and fourth rounds.

Butler provoked a knockdown in the fifth round with a great right hand on the chin.

Carson fought energetically in the sixth round, but Butler gave him again hard time.

Butler attacked furiously in the seventh round, Carson came very close to go on the floor, then, the referee decided it’s was enough. Butler has been declared winner by TKO.

“I was the attacker in each round, I was more energetic than him, then, I am not surprised at all by this result,” said Butler in getting out of the ring. “At the weigh in, I predicted my win by KO or TKO, and I realized my objective. I am very happy, because this win should help me to improve my situation in the WBO ratings. I fought better technically than Carson Jones, and I was punching a lot of harder than him. I want to maintain my progression, to increase my chances to dispute eventually a world championship.”

The Montrealer super middleweight Erik Bazinyan, who wants to reach the Top 10 of the international ratings this year or next year, made another step in that direction in winning the NABO 168 pounds North American championship.

Bazinyan (20-0-0) won this title in beating the Peruvian David Zegarra by TKO in the fourth round.

Bazinyan was the aggressor in each round, and he connected more punches than his rival in each round.

At the end of the third round, Zegarra came very close to go on the floor. His legs were shaking.

In the fourth round, Bazinyan, who got a longer reach than his rival, provoked two knockdowns with great left hooks to the head. After the second knockdown, the referee intervened to declare Zegarra (32-3-0) TKO.

“Like you saw it, I was the aggressor in each round, and I connected a lot of more punches than my opponent,” said Bazinyan after the bout. “I was controlling the action. In the third round, it was clear that Zegarra was in serious trouble. I hope to see my name in the international ratings in the months to come.”

For Bazinyan, it was a 15th win by KO or TKO.

The Montrealer super lightweight Mathieu Germain won the IBF 140 pounds North American championship, with a win by unanimous decision in 10 rounds over the Mexican Christian Uruzquieta (17-4-1).

The fight was one of best boxing match up of the year in Montréal.

Intense, Germain dominate clearly the first round, but the Mexican came back strongly in the second round. The next four rounds were extremely violent and spectaculars, each fighter connecting a lot of power shots.

Germain (15-0-0) was the aggressor in the seventh and eight rounds and he dominate both rounds, but his rival was very efficient in the ninth round.

The two fighters were tired in the 10th round, but they attacked furiously to try to win by KO.

“I connected more power punches in most of the rounds, then, I was not surprised to be declare the winner,” said Germain. “It was a very intense and spectacular fight, but no doubt in my mind, I was deserving the win.”

Uruzquieta did not protest after the judges (98-92, 98-92 and 97-93) verdict.

Raphael Courchesne, a super welterweight from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, fought energetically from the beginning to the end, he connected several power punches to the head and the body, and he scored his fourth win in pro boxing (4-0-0), a victory by unanimous decision over the Mexican Ernesto Olvera.

For Olvera, it was a first defeat in pro boxing (7-1-1).

Very intense, Courchesne provoked a knockdown in the fourth and last round.

The super middleweight southpaw Vincent Thibault, from Québec City, stayed undefeated in six pro bouts (6-0-0) with a win by unanimous decision over the Mexican Manuel Garcia ((15-15-2).

Thibault sent his opponent on the floor in the fifth round, with a solid left hand on the chin.

Garcia dominate the first round, but Thibault took the control of the bout from the second round and he maintained it to the end (six rounds).

In the opening bout of the evening, the Montrealer African welterweight Ghislain Maduma improved his pro boxing record to 19-3-0 in beating the Mexican Johnny Navarette (31-13-2) by unanimous decision in eight rounds.

Navarette was extremely agressive in the first two rounds, but Maduma did very yell in counter-attacks. However, from the beginning of the third round, Maduma became the aggressor, and he connected a lot of power shots in the following rounds. The three judges scored the bout 80-72 for the fighter coming from the Congo Republic.


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