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Canelo Looks Like A Starving Lion

By Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Tom Hogan - HoganPhotos/Golden Boy

LAS VEGAS — With just a few days before his rematch with Gennady Golovkin, the Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez looks like a starving lion in the South African desert. “Yes, I am feeling like a hungry predator at a few days before this rematch with Golovkin,” said Alvarez Wednesday afternoon at the MGM Grand hotel-casino in Las Vegas. “This time, I will be a lot of more aggressive than I was in our first fight. I am determined to attack intensively in each round, and I really believe that my intensity and my power will have me win by KO or TKO this time. Golovkin believes he will take advantage of my intensity, but he is so wrong. I know how much my fists can do damage when I am attacking furiously. I am considering this fight like the biggest moment of my pro boxing career, then, I cannot waste it. I am so impatient to be in the ring. I really believe that my fans will be extremely proud of me Saturday evening.”

But Alvarez will never admit that Golovkin won the first fight. “No, I was deserving the win in September 2017,” said Alvarez. “I don’t care what Golovkin is thinking. I am positive I dominated 7 of the 12 rounds in our first match up. But like I said recently, this time, the result of the fight won’t be decided by the judges, but by my fists…”

The first match up Golovkin-Alvarez, fought September 16th 2017 also at the T-Mobile Arena, finished by a draw. A judge scored the bout for Golovkin, another one for Alvarez, and the third judge scored the fight 114-114.

“Most of the boxing writers around the world picked me as the winner in the first fight, and believe me, I will be the big winner in this rematch,” said Golovkin. “Alvarez promised to his fans to attack intensively in this rematch, and I hope he will keep his promise. The more Alvarez will attack, the more he will commit technical mistakes, and the more I will able to punish him. He said he wants absolutely to win this rematch by KO, but I can tell you that if this rematch finishes by a KO or a TKO, I will be on the winning side.”

Alvarez has a pro record of 49-1-2, Golovkin 38-0-1. Both won 34 times by KO or TKO.

Abel Sanchez, Golovkin’s trainer, said his fighter is more than ready for this challenge. “Gennady started the first fight slowly, but he totally agrees with me, he has to be intense from the beginning to the end this time,” said Sanchez. “Gennady has no intention to let Alvarez take the control of the action in the first two or three rounds. Trust me, you will see Gennady at his best in few days. And a Gennady at his best always wins.”

Alvarez’s trainer, Eddy Reynoso, replied: “Canelo had a fantastic training camp and I am positive he will offer us a fantastic performance. He was wishing so much to get a rematch with Golovkin. I am sure he will enter this rematch with a real passion.”

Erik Gomez, Oscar De La Hoya’s assistant with Golden Boy Promotions, is impatient to assist to this rematch. “The atmosphere at the T-Mobile Arena will be magic Saturday evening,” said Gomez. “We will present this event in front of 20,000 boxing fans, a sellout. And millions of boxing fans around the world are gonna watch it on TV. No doubt it will be special moment in sports.”

This rematch will be televised in 160 countries.

The president of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaiman, is also enthusiastic to see the live this event. “This rematch Golovkin-Alvarez is not only the fight of the year, but the fight of the decade,” said Sulaiman. “I am so enthusiastic at few days before this fabulous event. I think that the boxing fans will talk about this rematch for years and years. And us too.”

Tom Loeffler, Golovkin’s promoter, said: “Gennady worked extremely hard to be perfectly prepared for this rematch, and I am sure he will impress the crowd Saturday evening. Several millions of boxing fans around the world were hoping to see this rematch… and Gennady has the same desire.”

Bernard Hopkins, a Oscar De La Hoya’s partner with Golden Boy Promotions, is also excited to see this event. “It will be a magic moment on the international boxing scene, no doubt about it,” said Hopkins, a former middleweight and light heavyweight champion of the world. “Canelo is on fire at few hours before the moment of the truth, I am positive we will witness a violent and spectacular bout, but this time, Canelo will be in the winning’s corner.”

Bob Bennett, from the Nevada Athletic Commission, mentioned “We are extremely proud to have this great event on our territory. No doubt in my mind, this rematch will be a memorable moment in the boxing’s history. All the boxing fans were so impatient to see the rematch.”

For Golovkin, it will be a 15th bout on HBO. “I want to thank HBO for their support, and I am sure that millions of boxing fans on the planet won’t miss this event,” said Golovkin. I want to offer to the boxing fans a performance that they will never forgot. For sure, I feel ready to deliver the best performance of my boxing career.”


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