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Canelo Wins The Rematch, Handing Golovkin
His First Official Defeat In Pro Boxing

By Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Tom Hogan - HoganPhotos/Golden Boy


LAS VEGAS — The Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez became the first fighter to hand a defeat to Gennady Golovin, the fighter from Kazakstan ranked the best boxer pound for pound in the world since a year.

Saturday evening in the ring of the T-Mobile Arena, Alvarez won this WBC and WBA middleweight championship of the world by majority decision of the judges.

The judge Glenn Feldman scored the fight 114-114, and Steve Weisfeld and Carl Moretti scored both the fight 115-113 for Alvarez.

The first fight Golovkin-Alvarez, presented in September 2017 also at the T-Mobile Arena, finished by a draw strongly contested by the two fighters.

This rematch was intense and very spectacular. After the last bell, the two fighters made gestures showing they won the fight.

Both predicted their win by KO or TKO at the weight in, but the fight went again to the limit of 12 rounds.

“I am so proud of my victory”, said Alvarez. “The fight was close, but I know I was deserving the win. I connected more power shots than him in this fight.”

Golovkin was very active offensively in most of the rounds, but Alvarez was a lot of more intense and aggressive than he was in the first fight.

“I respected the advice of my corner’s men, I followed the fight’s plan, and look at the result,” said Alvarez. “I won the battle of the strategies. I am a great fighter, and I proved it again tonight. I am so happy of this win for my family and my country, Mexico.”

In the first round, Golvkin scored points with his jabs, and Alvarez connected two power shots.

The two fighters fought more aggressively in the second round. Alvarez connected several good body punches, and Golovkin replied with solid left hooks to the head.

Golovkin connected several power shots in the third round. He was the aggressor. Alvarez works more with counter attacks.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, the two fighters were extremely aggressive, and Golovkin dominate the action in both rounds.

Alvarez came back in the sixth round with a solid performance offensively. He was very intense in each minute of the round.

The seventh and eight rounds were intense and close, each fighter connected solid shots to the body and the chin.

Golovkin had a great 9th and 10th rounds. He attacks furiously during the last two minutes of each round, and Alvarez got a lot of problems to block the shots.

The two fighters charged intensively in the 11th round. Golovkin touched the target more often this Alvarez, but the Mexican connected the most power shots of the round.

In the 12th and last round, the two fighters attacked with rage, and Alvarez connected the greatest punches of the round.

Golovkin completed the fight with a cut over the right eye.

Eddy Reynoso, Alvarez’s trainer, said to a Mexican boxing writer: “Canelo was extremely determined to win this rematch, and he gave the effort to win it. Each fighter gave a great performance offensively, but Canelo connected more power shots than Golovkin in this bout.”

Alvarez has now a record of 50-1-2, Golovkin 38-1-1.

Frustrated by the result of the fight, Golovkin refused to give an interview in the ring. But after the fight in the dressing room his trainer Abel Sanchez said, “We had a great fight, the one we expected the first time around. I had it close going into the 12th round. We had good judges who saw it from different angles - I can’t complain about the decision, but it’s close enough to warrant a third fight. Canelo fought a great fight, congratulations.”

From the locker room GGG stated,” I’m not going to say who won tonight, because the victory belongs to Canelo according to the judges. I thought it was a very good fight for the fans, and very exciting. I thought I fought better than he did.”

(When asked about a third fight) “Under the right conditions, yes.”


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