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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Carman & Butler Both Win By KO

By Daniel Cloutier

QUÉBEC CITY - The heavyweight Simon Kean was dreaming to be ranked in the Top 10 of the international ratings next year or in 2020, but Dillon Carman killed his dream Saturday in the ring of the Videotron Centre in Québec City. A boxer of 233 pounds from Toronto, Carman won this fight by KO at 1:08 minute of the fourth round.

Kean, a fighter of 245 pounds from Trois-Rivières (a city located between Montréal and Québec City), was the aggressor in the first round. He connected five or six power shots to the head and the body. Carman provoked a knockdown in the second round with a left hook on the jaw. Kean got problems to return in his corner at the end of the round.

In the third round, Kean took his revenge. He floored Carman with a left hook to the head, and he attacked furiously during the last minute of the round.

But everything turned ugly for Kean in the fourth round. Carman provoked another knockdown, and this time, Kean has been unable to get back on his legs before the count of 10. “I promised to my fans to cause a huge surprise in Québec City, and I did it, said Carman after the bout. Kean is a very big heavyweight, he is solid puncher, but I proved tonight that I got a better chin than him. This win will certainly help me to improve my rating on the international boxing scene, but I am ready to give a rematch to Kean if he is ready to face me again.”

Kean (15-1-0) replied: “A first defeat is extremely painful, but I am sure I will get back on the track very soon. If Carman (14-3-0) is serious in pretending he is ready to give me a rematch, I will certainly accept his proposition. I hope that my promoter, Camille Estephan, will be able to organize this rematch.”

Butler Stopped Balmir

Just before the main event, the Montrealer middleweight Steven Butler increased substantially his chances to reach soon the Top 10 of the IBF ratings.

Ranked 12th contender by the IBF, Butler improved his pro record to 25-1-1, in beating Jordan Balmir, from Drummondville, Québec, by TKO in less than three rounds.

For Balmir, it was a first defeat in pro boxing (10-1-0).

Butler was the aggressor in the first round. In this opening round, Balmir was moving constantly from right to left in the ring.

In the second round, Butler attacked intensively during two minutes. A very tough round for Balmir.

In the third round, Butler provoked a knockdown with a left hook on the chin, and few seconds after, he attacks furiously, putting Balmir in serious trouble in the ropes. At that moment, the referee Mike Griffin intervened to declare Balmir TKO.

“I told you I would win clearly this fight, and I was right,” said Butler in getting out of the ring. “I was sure that my power shots would put Balmir in serious trouble, and I was right. I am very proud to be the first one to inflict to Balmir a defeat in pro boxing. I am actually ranked 12th contender by the IBF, and I really hope to be rank in the Top 10 in the months to come. And I believe it will happen. I really want to figure among the best middleweights in the world in 2019. As I said several times, my ambition is to dispute eventually a world championship fight.”

Jukembayev Knocks Moreno Out

The Montrealer Russian Batyr Jukembayev should see his name in the international ratings in 2019.

WBC super lightweight Inter Continental champion, Jukembayev improved his pro record to 14-0-0 in winning by KO over the Mexican Patrico Moreno (20-3-0).

Tall, with a long reach, Moreno provoked a knockdown in the first round with a power punch on the jaw. But Jukembayev took his revenge in the second round. This time, Moreno went on the floor.

Jukembayev was the aggressor in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth rounds. Clearly, he was dominating the action. In the seventh round, Jukembayev knock Mopreno with a powerful shot on the chin.

Another Montrealer Russian Andranik Gregoryan, a super featherweight (130 pounds), increased his pro record to 8-0-0 with a victory by unanimous decision in eight rounds over the Argentinian Kevin Leonel Acevedo (15-2-2).

Very fast, intense, excellent technically, Gregoryan dominate the action in almost every rounds. The judges scored the fight 80-72, 80-72 and 79-73, scores which showing the clear domination by Gregoryan.

Acevedo finished the bout with a left eye almost closed.

The super middleweight (168 pounds) Vincent Thibault, a southpaw from Québec city, obtained his seventh win in pro boxing (7-0-0) in beating the Mexican Sergio De Leon by unanimous decision in six rounds.

Thibault provoked a knockdown in the second round with a solid power shot on the chin. In the fourth round, De Leon was very aggressive, but Thibault controlled the action in the last two rounds.

The judges scored the fight 58-55, 59-54 and 60-53 for the fighter from Québec City.

The middleweight (160 pounds) Clovis Drolet, from Québec City, stayed undefeated in seven pro bouts (7-0-0).

One of the most promising prospects in pro boxing, the Montrealer Russian Artem Oganesyan, a super middleweight, scored his seventh win (7-0-0) in beating the Argentinian Sergio Samuel Castellano (11-8-0) by TKO in the first round.

Oganesyan sent his opponent on the floor in the second minute of the bout with two power shots on the chin, and the referee, seeing that Castallano was seriously hurt, stopped the bout.

The super featherweight Keamy Savoie-Cloutier, from Trois-Rivières, Québec, started his pro boxing career on a good note. He won by unanimous decision over the Mexican Miguel Angel Covarrubias (3-7-3).

The three judges got scores of 40-36 for Savoie-Cloutier.

The welterweight (147 pounds) Sébastien Roy, from Thetford Mines, Québec, improved his pro record to 5-0-0 with a win by unanimous decision in four rounds over the Mexican Mario Bedolla Orozco (2-2-1).

The bout was intense from the beginning to the end. The three judges scored the bout 40-36 for Roy, who connected more punches than his rival.

In the opening bout of the evening, the super welterweight (154 pounds) Yannick Parent, from Québec City, made successful pro debut, beating the Mexican Rodolfo Lopez by KO in the first round.

Parent has been victim of two knockdowns, but he provoked himself three knockdowns, winning automatically by KO.

The crowd was very exciting with these two minutes of crazy action.

Lopez suffered of his sixth defeat in pro boxing (6-6-0).

The middleweight Clovis Drolet, from Québec City, improved his record to 7-0-0 in beating the Bulgarian Evgeni Borisov (3-2-1) by TKO.

Drolet sent twice his opponent on the floor in the fourth round with intense attacks, and after the second knockdown, the referee stopped the bout and declared Borisov TKO.


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